Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Hey everyone~
Most people love this season and of course, it's spring.
Maybe some of you already know that I stayed at Melbourne for my university and Australia have opposite season with some countries, such as US, Japan, Korea, etc.. 
So, we have spring starting from September..

At the end of September, my friends were asking me to visit Tulip Festival and because I got curious, I decided to went to the Tulip Farm.
Many families, friends, and couples were visiting this place. There were many attractions, stalls, and foods.

The theme for that weekend was Dutch. Therefore, people were dressing up and dance, while the foods and shops also supporting the theme. 

After doing a quick tour throughout the place and eat, we finally went to see the Tulip.

and i saw an interesting statue, so I took the picture. lol.

As you can see, there were lots of pretty Tulip with different range of colors, from white, red, purple, yellow, pink, etc etc...

Definitely a good place to refresh, calm my mind, enjoy the nature, and take pictures (maybe just for some people, like me). LOL.

Well, this trip took me 2 hours from the city to reach this place. At first, it was kinda boring and tiring, but that's all vanished as I reach the place. 
If you've got nothing much to do, you can visit this place (on spring definitely).
Last time, they've got different theme for every weekend. Hopefully there will be another event this year, but you can check their website :)

See you on my next post,
thanks for reading