Thursday, July 25, 2013

Japanese Fashion store on taobao

Hello everyone~
These days I'm really excited to search fashion related things on taobao, because Indonesia doesn't have various clothes that I want. and of course, taobao's price is CHEAP! That's why I love taobao <3 <3 hahahaha XD

After searching on taobao, I finally found some interesting shops. They have high rating, but the price is cheaper compared to other shop.

Well, here's the information~

1. Mysis

Price: 159 RMB

Price: 139 RMB

Price: 179 RMB

AMO, Katie, and Amoyamo style selection <3 They sell outfit, shoes, bags, accessories. Picture description is also very clear.

2. Pink princess 828

Price: 69.90 RMB

Price: 56.90 RMB

Vivi, Lena, and Liz lisa Selection. They also sell some fairy kei collection.
They sell outfit and few accessories.

3. Weidou

Price: 68.00 RMB

Price: 50.00 RMB

Many selection of Mori girl and denim style. 
Only sells tops, bottoms, dresses, and some stockings.

4. Lace Show

Price: 79 RMB

Price: 99 RMB

This shop has various style, from one-gyaru, amo, and casual.

5. Mine C

Price: 88 RMB

Price: 78 RMB

This shop is more into casual and classic style. However, they have some collection like amo and vivi too.

After you reading this post, are you thinking to purchase some items from those shops? hahaha XD
I think I might buy some outfit from some of the shop :P

Please let me know if you want me to share more about taobao store and what do you want to see <3 Because I might updating more about some information of taobao shop(s). Hopefully it's helpful~ hehe.

Thanks for reading,
see you~

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Introducing: Kawaii in Manila

Have you heard about Kawaii in Manila ?
Basically it is a fan page in Facebook, but they also have a website.
Something unique about them is that they make workshops and everything relate to kawaii~ XD
To be honest, I envy Philippines to have such awesome group *sigh* Hopefully the kawaii culture could develop more in Indonesia *pray* X3

Alright, back to the topic XD
Some of the workshops are DIY sessions, beauty&styling workshops, and kawaii photoshoot for everyone! ~

What I love from this page is that they post about great makeup products, cute things such as socks, decoden, etc..

Are you getting curious?
Well, here's some post they shared..

Moreover, they also introduce some kawaii items which you can found at Manila. Therefore, you could purchase it too when you visit Manila :D

Various of Deco rings <3

Cute bags collection~ You can found this bag at SM megamall Dept

Palty Hair Dye, now available on Philippines.
aaaaaa, I want those dyes too! It's kinda hard to get it from Indonesia TT^TT

Super cute keychains <3 You can search it at Landmark Dept. Store

Japanese Model, Rinrin also shows her support towards Kawaii in Manila :) :)

Last but not least, here's the super awesome TEAM !

Do you see a familiar face?
If you notice, the girl on the top left side is Kaila. She's one of a Kawaii.i leader <3

Oh anyway, they hold an international giveaway too.
Don't forget to visit & like the page and join the giveaway :3

Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Tutorial] Japanese Sweet Makeup

Hello everyone~
Finally, I'm back to make another makeup tutorial :3
Actually, I want to recreate AMO makeup looks, but some points are missing. Therefore, this tutorial's name is sweet & natural makeup~
It is suitable when you want to have a natural Japanese look or using it as daily lolita makeup.
Later when I perfecting the AMO makeup, I will share it to you *v* hehe

So, today I present my new tutorial ~

Final looks :) :)

and here's my before & after makeup~
I guess makeup & wig have huge power right? XD hahaha.

So, that's the end of my makeup tutorial.
Critiques and comments are really welcome, because I still wants to improve my ability in makeup too~ heheheh xP

Thanks for reading <3
Have a nice day :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rohto Cube C eye drop

Hello everyone,
so today I'm back with review~ xD

If you have read my SG haul, of course you knew that I bought Rohto eye drop~

For your information, there are several types of Rohto eye drop. This time, what I bought is an eye drop for contact lens wearer.

As for the price, I think it's pricey, it's around 8 SGD from Watsons. However I heard the quality is really good. Only few drops, it will moisture our tired eyes xD 
Is that true?  Just continue reading this post <3

Seeing from the box, I think it's quite big. At least I think I can use it for at least 3 months, because I rarely use softens on my daily activities.

After unboxing, I'm quite disappointed with the size of this eye drop. It's really small .___. Eventhough from the cover it's stated 8 ml, but I never expect it would turn out like this.

There's an instruction inside the box and it's written in English :)

After using it around 2 months, I found that it's actually really good!

When I use contact lenses, after 5-6 hours I found that my eyes are rather dry. Therefore, I use this eye drop and my eyes back to normal!
Usually 1 drop is enough for me. However, if your eyes feels really dry and tired, you can use 2-3 drop. Please keep in mind that use it slowly. I ever squeeze the eye drop too hard and it's not moisturizing my eyes, even it sting my eyes :X


-) Really moisture my eyes when using contact lenses.
-) Easy to use
-) Travel friendly


-) Pricey (if I also consider the quantity) .__.
-) Hard to get from Indonesia

I think I will try to search another eye drop, because it's kinda hard if I should go to Singapore for buying this product.

Thanks for reading,

have a lovely weekend <3

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Event Report: Popcon Asia 2013

Hello everyone~
For those who lives in Jakarta, have you ever visited Popcon ?
Last Saturday, I went to Popcon Asia and it's a really fun xD There are so many great illustrator who attend the event.

I'm not alone at the event, I was accompanied by my good friends. We took a picture together too :D
Most of the picture in this post was taken by one of my friend, Jenifer <3

You can found art book, doujin, figma/nendo, posters, etc.. Not only national illustrator participate in this event, but the international illustrator too~

It's really awesome to meet those great people :O I just never thought I can meet them >w<

Here's a photo of me with an awesome illustrator, Mimi <3

Actually, I never knew her before. However after seeing all of her drawings, I suddenly fell in love with her artworks.

Moreover, here's some interesting artworks that I saw at the event :3

and these are collections of dolls which is super CUTE <3 I think you will love it too xD

Other than that, I also took photos of some booth~

Of course, I did shopping too at Popcon~ xD Here's a picture of all things that I bought :D

Last but not least, here's a photo of me :P I didn't wear my makeup when I went to the event. That's because I forget to bring my makeup case .____.

Thanks for reading,
see you :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Unboxing Beauty Treats June Box

Hello everyone :)
Last month I bought a beauty box from Beauty Treats. Actually they offer 2 types, gold and platinum. 
This time I chose platinum box.

There's a delay on the distribution process. they have a problem with the magazines, so they need to reprint it and finally this box arrived to me on 28 June.

I love the design <3 I think the silver ribbon makes it classy and elegant.

Does the inside as good as the outside ?
Let's see~

The voucher is provided inside the magazine. I got 4 voucher in this edition.
• 20% discount with min. purchase 500.000 at zalora
• 10% discount at zalora
• Kay Collection Voucher 55.000
• Dr. Jart+ Voucher 100.000

and finally ....
Here's the items inside the box :D

To be honest, I'm kinda disappointed with what I got. From the previous month, I saw that they could get 8-10 products inside their box. However, it's not happen in this month, because I only get 5 products :(
I guess I'm not lucky yet~

So, here's the list of products that I got :)

Menard Fairlucent whiter essence
(sample size)

Masami Shouko Powder Case
(real size)

Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm
(Sample size)

Make up For Ever (MUFE) Microfinish Powder
(Sample size)

Menard Blotting Paper
(real size)

So far, I think I can use MUFE powder and Dr. Jart beauty balm. However, the rest is not really useful for me. Moreover, I still rather confused with the blotting paper. I remember clearly that I write I have a normal skin on my beauty profile, but they still send me the blotting paper :X
At least, I can finally try a product from menard, because it's really expensive. LOL.

Hopefully the beauty box for next month will be better, but I won't purchase beauty box this month. I want to save my money for buying materials for my next project. I'm really sure it will cost a lot~ hahaha x3

Anyway, I have a GOOD NEWS for you :)
All the voucher above will be given for all of my readers~

Discount 20% at Zalora with min. purchase IDR 500.000, discount code: BTreats20
Discount 10% at Zalora (no min. purchase), discount code: BTreats10

Gift Voucher 55.000 at Kay Collection with min. purchase IDR 250.000 (valid until 31 July 2013)
Gift Voucher Dr. Jart IDR 100.000 (valid until 31 August 2013)

If you want the gift voucher, just contact me by email or comment bellow. I'm giving it because I'm not planning to buy anything from those shops. hehe :P
However, the shipping cost will not be paid by me if the place are too far from my city. Sorry for that :(

So, have you ever buy a beauty box? and do you like it? :)
I'll be really happy if share your recommendation and experiences in buying beauty box.

Thanks for reading <3
Have a nice day :)