Saturday, July 13, 2013

Event Report: Popcon Asia 2013

Hello everyone~
For those who lives in Jakarta, have you ever visited Popcon ?
Last Saturday, I went to Popcon Asia and it's a really fun xD There are so many great illustrator who attend the event.

I'm not alone at the event, I was accompanied by my good friends. We took a picture together too :D
Most of the picture in this post was taken by one of my friend, Jenifer <3

You can found art book, doujin, figma/nendo, posters, etc.. Not only national illustrator participate in this event, but the international illustrator too~

It's really awesome to meet those great people :O I just never thought I can meet them >w<

Here's a photo of me with an awesome illustrator, Mimi <3

Actually, I never knew her before. However after seeing all of her drawings, I suddenly fell in love with her artworks.

Moreover, here's some interesting artworks that I saw at the event :3

and these are collections of dolls which is super CUTE <3 I think you will love it too xD

Other than that, I also took photos of some booth~

Of course, I did shopping too at Popcon~ xD Here's a picture of all things that I bought :D

Last but not least, here's a photo of me :P I didn't wear my makeup when I went to the event. That's because I forget to bring my makeup case .____.

Thanks for reading,
see you :)

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