Monday, June 3, 2013

May Haul

Hello everyone! ~

Since the new month has started, so I'm going to show you what I buy in May <3
However, this Haul will be divided into 2 parts~

Because I bought many things :X 

The first part is taobao section :D

Actually, I ordered it on the end of April, but there was some problem in China so it took longer time until the items were finally arrived.

If you notice, I buy so many socks. Yeah, I need to admit it that I bought too many :X 
*just realized it now* LOL.

However, how can I refuse not to buy these socks, they are too cute :(

Some of the socks have the same style, only the color is different~

If you notice, the brands of this socks are Caramella and Tutuana. Did you know them ?
They are SUPER popular in Japan~
*Fyi, this socks is not originally from Japan xD It's only a replica produced by taobao. They are much cheaper compared to original one. That's why, I decided to buy! xDD

I really want to show how it looks when I wear it, but things are so hectic these days :( 
Next time, I surely will take a picture of the socks when I wear it~ 

Last, here's my new wig which was bought from Lucaille x3

This time, I chose a gradient wig. The color is so soft <3 <3
Will review it later! :D

I got so many cute things in this month. Maybe I should start to save money next month >w<
Anyway, I think I'm going to sell some of those socks, but only for people who lives in Indonesia only. Sorry for the others :X
If you get interested, please make sure to check my 'blog sale' tab later :D

Thanks for reading, make sure to check out my MAY haul part 2. You'll know the main topic later on the post. See you~


  1. Great haul lots of cute socks. Can't wait to see the wig on!

    1. Thank you~ hahaha xD
      Maybe I'll show the wig + review around this month. Make sure to check it out later. hehehe :D

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is.
      I was in love with those cute socks when I saw it, until finally I bought too many~ hahahaha.

  3. Haha omgosh Rika it's like cute socks galore!!! XD lend me some haha jk <3 I will be waiting for the wig review soon ^^

    1. LOLOL xD I think I can wear those socks until I get bored~ hahaha.
      Yeayy, please look forward for the review. hehehe.