Monday, June 24, 2013

Where to buy lolita bags

Hello everyone~
I think some of you knew that I really love lolita~ and these days, I really wanted to own another lolita bag.
Because actually I only have 2 lolita bags and sometimes I find difficulties to coordinate my lolita dress with the bag.

I wanted to buy a lolita bags from taobao and there's a GOOD NEWS :)

For you who lives in Indonesia, I will help you to get the lolita bags from the store which I wanted to buy. 
So, my intention to help you is just to spread lolita culture in Indonesia <3 Because I will be very happy to meet new lolita friends, since the lolita girl population in Indonesia is very few TTwTT

However, I will only limit the types of bag, just to avoid the seller send me the wrong items. Moreover, all price will be in Indonesia Rupiah, just to make everyone easier~
The price includes local shipping in China and Indonesia, shipping from China to Indo, and agent's fee.
All price will be stated below each photos.
Anyway, currency in yuan strengthened and the cost for shipping is very expensive. Therefore, the price still not cheap when buying it from Indonesia TTwTT

First model~

Price: IDR 320.000

Second type~

Price: IDR 274.000

Third model~

Color available: red, black, white, pink, light blue, mint blue
(please open the link to see the product of each color)

Price: 272.000

If you want to order the bags together with me, just send message to my email:

I will close the order on 4 July. 
*Fyi, on 25-30 June I will have a retreat so forgive me my response are slow, because I'm only allowed to use handphone on break time.

The items will arrived to me at approximately 3 weeks. After that, I will notify to those who buy the bag(s) :)

Hopefully this will be helpful :)
Don't miss this chance while I'm still kind *just kidding* LOL xD

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