Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Bobbi Brown] Creamy concealer kit

There're so many people that have dark circles around the eye, including me. To make it doesn't really appear, you can use concealer and it's really easy to apply it.
This product was recommended by my sister when I say to her that I want to buy a new concealer.
So, I tried it first and bought 1 when I go to Kuala Lumpur for holiday :)

At first when I arrived to Bobbi Brown store, I got confuse why the concealer were so many #slapped. At last I found out, that's because the sample of the concealer come in many different shades. I don't remember how many shades they have for this concealer, but I think that's around 10 color. So, I think you can find the perfect shade for your skin <3

and,, here's the cover of my new concealer <3

> Packaging
I love the packaging, it's really simple but very elegant and useful. The great part that I really like that this kit have a small mirror inside it.

> Kit
Another great part of this concealer was there's a powder on the right side of the concealer. It helps my concealer to sets in place and stay longer. 

> Effects
Yes! it make differences to my eyes. My dark circle doesn't really appear anymore, so I look fresh and brighter xD Also, I can use it to cover my pimples so it can't be seen.

> Texture
Sometimes when I use another concealer it will feels heavy to my eye and made me feel sleepy. But it's not happen with this concealer. The texture is creamy but feels soft to my eyes.

Rating: 9/10

I really love this concealer kit :D It makes a great effect to my eyes and the powder is really useful too <3 But, too bad it's hard to find this product in Indonesia :'S and if you consider the price, it's pricey.

The picture below shows the price in Ringgit Malaysia.

Thanks for reading! have a nice day :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 movies for Lolita

The second topic is up and it's about "5 movies for Lolita" :D
To be honest, this is a hard topic for me. Because there're so many things I do, so I rarely got the chance to watch ;;w;;

But still, I want to share some movies that relates to lolita style and these are great movies to me.

1. Paradise Kiss
It's a Japanese movie. The main story is talking about an ordinary high school girl which turns out to be a great model and an awesome fashion designer. The plot is very exciting and makes me want to know what will happen next. Other than that, I was deeply in love with the fashion that appears in the movie. It's one of the best movie I've seen and many people likes this movie too.

2. Runway Beat
The great side of this movie is the effort that everyone shows in this movie. After watch this movie, I just realized everyone has their own talent and we should use it wisely. As for the story, it talks about a talented fashion designer in his high school that reveal everyone's abilities and talents. If you love harajuku fashion, you should watch it :)

3. Ai ore! Love me!
Again, it's a japanese movie and mostly the people who act in this movie wear lolita/aristocrat/gothic/other harajuku fashion.  The great side in this movie is the handsome girl and pretty boy, so it shows funny, cool, ciute sides which made a great impression.

4. Alice in wonderland
If you notice, maybe there're only a little connection in this movie related to Lolita. But in my opinion, the clothes that used by many characters in the movie give me so much inspiration for many styles of lolita. Other than that, I just thought the plot is really exciting and super great!

5. Cosplay the series
It's originally from Indonesia. Not only story about cosplay that appear here, but a story of a Lolita girl also appear. This movie tells me about how hard being a lolita, but there're so many things a Lolita should be proud.

So, that's all I can share to all of you. If you have time, maybe you can watch some of them and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. See you on my next post <3 :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

[Etude House] juicy cocktail nail gradation

I've bought 2 sets of juicy cocktail nail gradation some months ago. After use it for several times, now I'm ready to make a review about it! :D
Fyi, the pictures below were only in number #4 color. For the pictures of color #6, I'll edit this post later when I have spare time.

Here's the pictures..

 (the real item :D )

(My nails were always short, because I can't play piano well if it's long. So please bear it x3 )

-) I love the packaging, it has a cube size so it won't take many space in my nail polish box.
-) Looks cute and rather expensive, but actually it's super affordable
-) the texture is rather watery and it makes easy to apply
-) Pretty colors
-) Long lasting, without using top coat, it will stay for 3-5 days.
-) easy to dry

-) hard to remove .___. I need to use 4 cotton+nail remover when using this nail polish, while I only use 1 cotton+nail remover to remove glossy/matte nail polish
-) need extra careful after apply the nail polish for some time, if not you'll see a crack in the top part of your nail.

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, I love this product <3 Maybe if there's any new and pretty colors I'll buy again~

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Milanoo] yellow shooting star bag

Wohoo xD I'm super happy today because a bag that I got from milanoo is finally arrive :D Actually I shocked because it's arrived super fast. Just to let you know, my order had been proceed on 4 January and I got an email from them on 10 January for telling me that my bag was shipped. On 12 January (today), I received the package from milanoo by FEDex courier.
Fyi, I got this bag after join in a christmas contest that was hosted by lolita fashion clothing and luckily I'm the first winner at that time. Of course, I can't make it without my friends >w< thanks a lot guys!

Let's take a look at the package when my bag arrived.

I should say the packaging is secure and neat. It also come with a thank you card which makes the bag more classy. 

Also, they sew and make the bag neatly, so you can see that it looks good.

Not only cute outside, but it's also cute inside. As you can see in the photo, the bag has cute printing on the fabric.

Eventhough the bag is using hard materials for the front and back side, the middle side (where you put your items in there) is rather soft and fragile, which means you shouldn't put heavy things or too many things in there.

Last, here's the photo of me and my new bag xD

Rating: 8.5 / 10 

I should say the quality is great, but maybe you should consider the price too. Because the shipping fee to Indonesia and the tax is rather expensive TT^TT
If you want to take a look on their collections, you can visit:

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend <3

Monday, January 7, 2013

[L-email] brown+light brown lolita wig

Do you thought highlight wig was already usual or ordinary? For me, I ever thought like that :P So I try to buy new wig for my lolita project and it's combination of half brown and half light brown.

Here's the photo of my lolita project (fyi, the theme for this look is inspired by fairy) 
Costume, MUA, and model by me

and the photos of the wig (I took the picture from the website)



> Fibre: kanekalon fibre, which can be ironed up to 180 Celcius. But, I never tried to iron it.

> Smoothness: Normal, which I can say it's not too soft neither rough. But when I touch it, it will still feel like a wig.

> Cap: Not too big, I think it will only fit for people who has medium size.

> Thickness: It's rather thick, but not as thick as fantasy sheep or cc kids's wig. 

> Treatment: after using the wig, it's better to comb it to make the wig still good for next time. But, you need to be careful when combing it, because it's rather easy to fallout but not as bad as ghostcos wig.

>Weight: a little bit heavy when wearing with the twintails compared to cc kids's wig. But still acceptable

> Price: It's more cheap compared to other taobao's wig store such as cc kids, ghostcos, grand young, fantasy sheep, etc.

Rating: 7/10

I had bad experience while buying this wig. The seller send me a wrong wig (but not this one), and at first didn't want to exchange it. But I'm so lucky to have a good friend that helps me for negotiate to get the right wig.

Will I buy another wig from this store?
No, I'll try to find other brand that's more better (for the quality) and trustworthy.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have

I forgot to say happy new year to all of you~ Sorry if it's kinda late ._.
and I feel chalenged after reading a post by "F yeah Lolita". You can find the post HERE
So, the first topic that given was about:
5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

1. Petticoat
Why I choose this? Because almost in every lolita style and clothing need petticoat. Usually, if someone don't wear a petticoat, it doesn't give impression as a lolita.

2. Blouse
a blouse doesn't mean it could only used for 1 lolita outfit. You can use the blouse for many coordination, such as wearing it with a JSK (usually the blouse will be used inside the JSK). Also, you can wear it with various skirts.

3. Bows
Bow is important to in lolita style, because it will show the cute side of lolita.

4. Shoes
Do you know actually shoes makes a big differences? Eventhough people usually don't notice your shoes, but without a matching shoes, the effort you do for making a good coordinate with the outfit and makeup will be ruined. Because actually a shoes will makes you more cute/elegant/cool based on the style you want to show.

5. One piece dress
Based on my experience, I will usually get bored by using the same blouse but coordinate it with various skirt,etc. So, I want to have something different. That's why I need a dress. If possible, choose one dress with pretty details and a good design (For references, you can try to look at baby the stars shine bright)

all pictures credits to baby the stars shine bright.

See you on my next post :)