Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Fashion] Sugar Aqua

Hello everyone,
since I'm super busy with exam this week, so I could only post about my latest design..
Basically I'm using sugar bunnies fabric which is the same like my previous handmade dress (you can see it on this POST)

After making sketches, then I started to search fabric which will suits the main fabric (sugar bunnies fabric). I love how it finally turned out :)

The bow is detachable, therefore the person who wear it could using her creativity to attach the bow anywhere she likes.

Oh, anyway, the dress is commissioned for a customer. This post might answer some of you who are curious. "Yes, I accept commissioned outfit! You can ask me to make the design and create a dress/skirt/tops/etc for you.."

Basically, my design would be more into japanese fashion, I can made either kawaii/gothic/punk/harajuku clothing, but I can also made more 'simpler' outfits.
However if you ask, of course I'm actually specialized more into kawaii fashion <3 hahaha. 
I guess you can already predict about it by seeing my main theme for the blog and some of my design works.

After Chinese New year, I'll have more free time. Therefore I'll try to post more informative posts next month! :))

Thanks for reading, see you~

Monday, January 20, 2014

[Review] Kate eyeshadow

Actually, these eyeshadows are belong to my sister xD However, she let me to use some of her makeup. These products have become one of my favorite eyeshadow. 
Compared with another eyeshadow that I've tried, Kate has become my 2nd favorite after Coastal Scents.

The packaging is so <3 <3
You can easily see from the outer side for the color you want to pick! (no need to open the case 1 by 1, so it saves time)
Black is the simple yet elegant color to choose! nice packaging I would say :))

(actually the eyeshadow sponge are provided. However I lost them ;;w;;)

See those colors? It's so pretty right?
The colors in the eyeshadow is very wearable. Based on my experience, the left side really suits casual/smoky looks and right side for sweet/glamour looks. All colors are shimmery.

What I love more about this eyeshadow that the texture is nice. They won't fall out easily and doesn't get messy easily.

Color swatch PU-1 (pink-violet set)  >> left to right, from the light to dark.
-swap 1 time only-

after using wet tissue to clean my hand (swap 1 time).

Color swatch GN-1 (brown-grey set) >> left to right, from the light to dark
-swap 1 time only-

after using wet tissue to clean my hand (swap 1 time).

As for the pigmentation, I would say that the color of light shade doesn't shows, especially beige-white from GN-1. In contrast, the medium-dark colors are great. They're pigmented and could last long on my eyelids (about 6-8 hours).
However, I think this eyeshadow wouldn't suit ppl who have oily face. Because when I use wet tissue to clean my hand, after about swapping 5 times, the colors disappear. Moreover, 1 time swap is enough to clean the eyeshadow using makeup remover.

Lastly, I still would say that PU-1 is my favorite~ :D

+ nice Packaging
+ pigmented & pretty colors
+ Sponge is provided
+ Travel friendly
+ affordable

- light color doesn't show
- easy to disappear (with water, especially oil type remover)

Rating: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading! Hope you have great day :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lolita Fashion Indonesia

Hi hi~
Today I want to introduce a page named...

Lolita Fashion Indonesia
a.k.a LFI

When I found this page, I was like super happy xD
Because I love lolita fashion, a lot! Previously there was a group which made specially for those who love victorian, including lolita. However, I notice that the group aren't going well.

Things that the admins provided are so helpful! I'll list it one by one..

1. Makeup and hair tutorials

2. Lolita Tips 

3. Lolita Brands

4. Craft & Sewing Tutorials

There are some contest too! The first contest is 'lolita coordinate' and I won the 3rd place :)) hehe.
Another contest is drawing contest: use lolita fashion indonesia's mascot. The drawing from the chosen winner for that contest is used as their facebook cover page (as you can see on the 1st pict on this post).
More and more contest will be revealed soon <3

We also made a little gathering <3 2 admins and 3 of lolita lovers are joining this meet up.

I do really hope that lolita community will be growing. Also, more and more people will loves lolita <3
I will also help lolita grows in Indonesia with my way. hehe
Don't forget to like the page, especially for Indonesian! :D

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Nature Themed Coordinate

Hello everyone :)
It's been a long time I don't participate in Lolita Blog Carnival post.
I was so lucky that the chosen theme for this week is 'nature theme coordinate'. That's because I've just recently finish making new costume and doing photoshoot.


The dress, accessories and headpiece are made by me.
My original theme for the design is actually about nature & vintage, but I tried to mix some elements of Lolita.

All photos above are collaboration between me & my brother. It's his first time taking photoshoot with SLR camera. It's kinda hard to teach him on how to get a good photo, but at last we manage to have some good pictures. hahaha xD
Finally, I edit some photo which I think are good enough~


and here's some picture details of the dress & headpiece...


Thanks for reading, 
have a great weekend! :)

Don't forget to check another participants for 'Nature Theme Coordinate'

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[The Face Shop] Face It Aura CC Cream Review

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite CC Cream :) Sometimes I'd prefer to choose CC cream rather than foundation/BB Cream for daily activities. 
Want to know why? Read more for the review~

Packaging: Basically the color is peach pink which I really love, because I love pastel color. lol. It comes with a mirror and sponge. It's useful especially when I need to do my makeup in car,  I don't need to bring additional mirror. However, this CC cream is rather heavy, for travelling, I still suggest to bring travel size/sample.

To make the CC cream come out, press the white button just like the photo above. It's unique, I love how it's different compared to other brand.
Moreover, I usually needs about 2-3 full pump to cover my entire face (*note: my face considered rahter big).

Formula: Light. It's really suitable to use for daily activities. Compared to BB cream, CC cream is more lighter and doesn't feel 'heavy' at all.

Coverage: medium coverage. By using this CC cream, it could cover pores and small acnes. It also makes my face glowing.
Mostly CC cream are known that their coverage is not as good as BB cream, but I found that this product's coverage is as good as BB cream.

Color: I choose #2 which looks natural on me. My skin could be considered white, but I still prefer to choose no. #2 rather than #1. #1 color could whiten my face, but I found that my face would turn 'strange'. hahahah.

In conclusion,
> Comes with mirror and sponge
> Unique packaging
> Light
> Create glowing face

> Rather pricey if compared to other Koreans' CC Cream. The price would 2x from Etude House's CC cream.
> not suitable for darker skin. The color only came in 2 option.

I have been using this CC cream for almost 1 year, I'll absolutely buy this CC cream again after I finished my 'old' CC cream.

Do you have another favorite CC cream/BB cream. Share it with me! :D