Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Loli Ri*Bon Sweets Corner

Loli Ri*Bon collection of "Sweets Corner"

                                                              ----- Family Time -----

"With a concept to mix cuteness and the life of bunny family.. I use apron as an inspiration of the dress & adding some details to deliver the story on the prints, along with sweet lolita style"

-------- Sugar Bunnies in Bubbles -----

"The pattern of this dress is simple in order to accentuate the prints. Moreover, I added a ribbon & an angel bear as a decoration, so it will look kawaii"

If you have follow my blog in few months, you'll notice those dresses are my old works. However, I haven't take a proper pictures (because I love to collect the photos of outfit I've made)

and in this post, I want to introduce Loli Ri*bon.. Basically, it's a page where I gather all of my works (handmade stuffs & some artworks), so people could see all of my works collection.
I also plan to sell lolita & gyaru clothing in that page. Maybe in some weeks you'll see my first collection which is FOR SALE~
If you like my works or curious with the outfit which will be sold, please support the page by hit the like button :D thanks! 

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