Sunday, September 29, 2013

[L-email] Red+black punk lolita wig

As I promised, today's entry will be about review~
The wig is from L-email taobao
Actually, I order a pink+purple gradient wig but instead of that wig, they sent me this red+black gradient wig -___- 
Basically, I could wear this wig for punk/gothic coordinate, but my fashion style are more into lolita. At last, I never wear this wig and finally I decided to sold them..
More or less, my review for the wig will be similar with this post. However, I'll just add some important information..

Anyway, the length for this hair is approximately 65cm.

As usual taobao wig, they came with a plastic bag.
Also, for this wig it consist a curly long base wig and 2 clip on (as the twin tails)

 (base only)

(with the twintail clip on)

For a person who aren't a fan of red (like me), I actually don't like the color of the red part. It's like the color of red chilli which is super light O_O


The bangs are already styled, so you won't need to cut it by yourself~ Moreover, I also love the curly sides. Overall, I think the wig styling is great.

See the middle part of the wig? Yes, it's looks like the scalp of real hair, which is the good side of this wig.

See the differences of the pictures above? OMG, with flash it really shows that the wig is SUPER fake TT^TT However, in indoor room (no direct sunlight or flash) this wig won't look too shiny.

more information, please check this link for my review


Now, let's jump to my conclusion..

+ Affordable (only 98 yuan if I'm not mistaken)
+ The cap is big enough (because I have thick hair & this wig still fits perfectly to my head)
+ Good styling
+ There's a scalp (not many wigs have it)

- Considered heavy when I wear it with the clip on
- Rather easy to fall out, so it needs extra care
- Rather shiny/looks like a wig

Do I recommend it?
Not really, you better buy from another store. However, if you only have very limited budget, you can consider to buy wig from this store. However, beware you'll experience the same thing as me, they sent me a wrong wig. lol.

Thanks for reading <3
Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lolita day on Anime Festival Asia (day3)

So, this post is the second part of my story on Anime Festival Asia..

When I arrived on JCC and want to redeem my ticket. I was really shocked :O I only need to wait 1 person in front of me. OMG, on the very first time after I arrived I was already lucky. 
After that, I already have a good feeling this will be an AWESOME day.

and my feeling was TRUE ~

I went to Kawaii Asian booth and get an eye makeup makeover by a friendly Japanese makeup artist. Too bad I forgot to ask her name x_x
I finally tried a pair of Eyemazing eyelashes. That's my first time trying on Japanese lashes~ eventhough I have various lashes, I never bought Japan lashes because that's too expensive TT_TT
Not only that, she also teached me some techniques on how to apply lashes. 

My next destination was the cafe. It was a combined cafe between Moe Moe Kyun & Atelier Royale.
It was fun talking with some of the maids and Butler. Shin and Shou were the butlers who served me & my friend that day :3

Some ppl are actually wants to be served by Shin, because he's good looking. Yeah, I admit he's handsome, and actually I adore his style (because I followed him on instagram) :P 

Credits: Atelier Royale Page

Shou, he's a funny person. I also followed him on Instagram and watch his youtube channel before I met him. I wonder how he would be when he becomes a butler. LOL.

My friend's chocolate cake

When I'm enjoying my food, Misako Aoki came in to the cafe and I almost screaming. LOLOL.
She's my lolita idol, of course I'm SUPER happy when seeing her in front of my eyes <3
At that time I had a hard time to choose whether to ask Misako for a picture or not, because we are not allowed to take any photo in the cafe. Moreover, she's a special guest.

However, of course I don't want to throw my chance without trying first. Therefore, I went to her table and ask her for a photo. *innocent face*
Misako is SOOOOOOOO KIND! In total, I was like 2 times coming to her table. First, taking pictures with her. Second, asking for her photograph & giving coscard to her.
To my surprise, she gave us her lolita card :O 

The thrill and funny moment was when I went to the cashier and asking her whether I could borrow a pen. Well, actually I want to borrow the pen for asking Misako's autograph, but I didn't tell that purpose to the cashier *sorry* ;;
Finally she gave it to us, then we rushing to go to Misako's table~ When Misako were signing the paper, the cashier came and wants to took back her pen (I think she wants to use it to write new orders).  At that time, Misako only signed my friend's paper and the cashier already took back the pen :( However, the manager of cafe came and said to the cashier for giving the pen to Misako till she finished giving the autograph. Y U so kind, manager-san? :"""))) *happy tears*

-Okay, done with my fangirlin with Misako Aoki. LOLOL.

Since some of the maid are our friends so we said good bye to them~ At that time, I'm having a little chat with Shizu, she asked me where I bought the outfit and I told her that's my handmade :3 Her reaction is like, "woahhh sugoii" <3 She also told me that I looked like one of an AKB48 member (already forget the name).  -Oh well, actually I knew AKB member are much more prettier than me, Shizu-chan are just too kind~ hahahaha

She's just too adorable and friendly. After meeting Shizu in the cafe, now I really admire her. hahaha.

The Family of AFA CAFE. They're so cute and handsome >w<

Credits: MMK & AR page

a Cheki with megane Shou~

Okay, here's the LAST surprise that I got..
At the time when I'm queue for cheki, all the guest cosplayer entered the cafe. So, again I saw Reika, Kaname, Ying Tze, Angie, Pinky Lu Xun, and the others in front of my eyes. Actually I already saw them on day 2, but the difference this time was there're no fan screams. 
Furthermore, before the groups sit at their table, Kaname said hello to almost every table he passed. I also got hello from him~ hahahaha XD He's so kind ya?

Last thing on that day, I watched Marble Wonderland and it's really great! However, I think it would be better if there're more models in the fashion show.

If you wondering who's my friend that I mentioned before, you can see the picture below.. Anyway, she loves lolita too :D

credits: Taqi Masubuchi

 Are you familiar with my bag and the wig? Yes, it's the lolita bag from this post and Gkyouko wig :3
I think some of you already wait for my review. Please be patient for the review ya? hehe.

Thanks for reading,
see you on my next post :)

*ps: Next post will be review, I promise! :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Merging Design & Fashion Together, a Japanese magazine site

Hi everyone, 
how was your weekend? hehe :3

Today, I want to introduce a website which is SUPER AWESOME...
You can find so much magazine, whether it's about fashion, beauty, anime, crafts, etc~ It's not only for female, but male could also found their favorite magazine on that website.
What's good is you can download the magazine for FREE!

In short,
introducing you.......

To me, personally I love to read Kera and Ray magazine.

Kera will fulfilled my knowledge about lolita/harajuku fashion, because that's a fashion that I truly loved. Too bad I can't oftenly wear that kind of fashion in Indonesia. I'll look friggin' crazy to my surrounding XD hahaha.

For Ray, it's more like daily Japanese outfit. It's simple but cute <3 These kind of fashion will be more suitable to wear it in my country :3
Actually I've read Vivi, With, Cancam and some other fashion magazine. However, I felt that Ray is still my favorite~ I recommend you to read the magazine :D

If you like to see other category of Japanese magazine, just visit the website and download it~

Hope this post will be helpful for all of you <3

Byeee :D

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beautiful day - Anime Festival Asia day 2 (7/9/13)

Yo~ Hello everyone XD
Actually before posting this entry, I want to share product reviews. However, I just couldn't wait till the time I can share my happy memories on Anime Festival Asia. All of them are a SUPER AWESOME experience for me. You'll know why later, so keep reading :D

As some of you already read my previous post, I planned to cosplay as Diamond from Sakizou artworks. I completely finished the dress on friday, H-1 to the event :P LOL.

credits to kamego

Many friends were coming to the event, because it's one of the biggest event in Indonesia. Too bad I can't took photos with all of my friends, the event were super hectic. I can't move freely TT^TT

Also, here's a cosplayer who won AFA Single competition this year. She's my friend too~
Her cosplay are so freakingly awesome <3

With cute Angie, one of the cosplay judges :D

Last but not least, full body pictures of me. I don't find any spot to take a picture, so finally car park was my last choice. HAHAHA.

Actually I'm thinking to do some photo session with this outfit, since it's one of my masterpiece (currently). LOL
Also, next time I'm going to show the detailed part of this dress. There are beads, draperies, cameos, etc..

Too bad I only spent like 4 hours on Saturday. However that's fine, I could save up my energy for Sunday~ hehe.
More surprise will be on my next post :D

to be continued....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dr. Jart+ V7 launching event

Hello ~~~
Finally AFAID event has finished, so it means my busy routine for making my costume is done :P
I will post about my experience on AFAID too on the next post.

and today's post will be about an event that I attend 2 weeks ago. I was invited by Dr. Jart+ through my email and I'm super excited! I never thought that I'll be invited to an event, so I rather shocked when I received the email. hahaha.

On that day, I was rushing to come on time, because I don't come with my friend and I don't know have ideas who'll come that day. Therefore, it will be better if I came before the presentation started or else, I will look so stupid because I confused what should I do when I enter the venue.

*PS: Some photos below aren't in a good quality, at that time something goes wrong with my camera. However, I do my best to edit it~ Hopefully you still can enjoy this post :)


When I arrived, there were some staffs waiting for us (the guest), so they welcome me and ask me to write my profile in the guest book. Next, I went to take a picture as a souvenir~

Inside the room, I looked around and as expected, I don't know anyone in the room. *so sad TT^TT*
Then I decided to take a tour and see the products Dr. Jart have...

Here's a collection which will be presented in today's event..
V7 series

They also prepared some snacks for us before the presentation began.
I had Assam Milk Tea with Big bobba and ddukbokki (made by the lab). This "Nai Cha" drink shop actually one of my favorite and I was amazed. Who would wonder if there will be snacks which is as good as that? hahahaha.

First of all, Vera Liono  (Brand Manager of Dr. Jart in Indonesia) told us the background the background of Dr. Jart. This brand launched in 2004 and distributed to many country such as Japan, Hongkong, US, England, Thailand, Phillipine, and Singapore.

Secondly, Dr. Kevin A Maharis (Dermatologist) gave us some tips and trick to choose a good skin care for us. Some important things which I noted are..

  1.  Toner is not a must, so it's your choice whether to use it or not. Also, take a good look at the ingredients, if you see a word 'astringent' DON'T USE IT! Because it means the toner contains alcohol which is not good for your skin.
  2. For sun protection, you will need products which contains SPF (to block UV B) and PA++ (to block UV A). Most people, including me usually only know we only need the SPF for sun protection.
  3. For men, don't choose product which is specialized for men, because usually it will dry your skin. (If you can, tell your friends and relatives, because most people don't know about it)

and finally, the presentation began..

This brand are free of artificial scents, coloring, preservatives, and alcohol. Therefore, basically it's suitable for people who has sensitive skin. 

Currently Dr. Jart+ has launched 4 series. They are:

V7 Series (toner, serum, emulsion, spot treatment, Beauty Balm)
It's specialized for the regeneration of damaged skin and contains 7 vitamin.

World Best BB
There are 5 kinds of BB cream which you can choose based on skin types.

Most Moist ( Mist, Serum, Gel Cream, Sleeping Mask, Hydrogel Mask, Blemish Base)
It's free from artificial preservatives and made from KIMCHI (This sound a lil funny to me. LOL)
The focus is to keep the moisture of our skin.

Ctrl-A (Spot corrector, Sun protector, spot out, moisturizer, toner, Serum, liquid foam, spot cover, beauty balm)
This series will be suitable for those who has acne skin.

Demo Skincare

The right step for using V7 series are...
V7 Turnover Booster (Toner) - V7 Renewal Serum - V7 Relief Vita Drop (emulsion) - V7 Vitacream (spot treatment) - V7 Beauty Balm (known as BB cream)

Left to right
Chloe Park (Junior Manager Overseas Dr. Jart+) ;  John Kim (Manager Overseas Dr. Jart+) ; Dr. Kevin A. Maharis, B.Med. Sc ; Vera Liono (Brand Manager Dr.Jart+ Indonesia) ;  Melia Erlina (General Manager Dr.Jart+ Indonesia ; Yenny Maria (Directress Dr.Jart+ Indonesia)

How about the price? :P 
Well, it's rather pricey, but if the quality is good, why don't try it? hehe XP

* V7 Turnover Booster (Toner): Rp 508.000,-
* V7 Renewal Serum: Rp 638.000,-
*V7 Relief Vita Drop (Emulsion): Rp 458.000,-
*V7 Vitacream (Spot treatment): Rp 578.000,-
*V7 Beauty Balm (Make Up): Rp 488.000,-

BB Cream
* Rejuvenating Blemish Base (Silver Label) - sensitive skin : Rp 408.000,-
* Skin Perfection Blemish Base (Black Label) - dry skin : Rp 488.000,-
* Premium Blemish Base - dry and aging skin: Rp 648.000,-
* Regenerating Blemish Balm - whitening : Rp 528.000,-
* Renewalist Blemish Balm - aging skin : Rp 278.000,-

Most Moist
* Most Moist Water Act Skin Mist: Rp 328.000,-
* Most Moist Water Up Serum: Rp 548.000,-
* Most Moist Water Sure Gel Cream: Rp 458.000,-
Most Moist Water Max Sleeping Mask: Rp 458.000,-
* Most Moist Waterfull Hydrogel Mask: Rp 488.000,-
* Most Moist Water Fuse Blemish Base: RP 458.000,-

* Drying Spot Corrector: Rp 378.000,-
* Sensitive Sun Protector: Rp 338.000,-
* Spot Out: Rp 338.000,-
* Soothing Moisturizer: Rp 348.000,-
* Clarifying Toner: RP 328.000,-
* Speedy Clear Serum: Rp 458.000,-
* Liquid Foam: Rp 338.000,-
* Spot Cover: Rp 298.000
* Beauty Balm: Rp 448.000,-

Personally I think Dr. Jart+ is an interesting product. I've tried the toner and serum from V7 collection and I could feel the cool sensation to my skin, which also made my skin moist~
However, the downside of this brand is they doesn't provided color option for all BB cream. I've tried the BB cream and it's only suitable for light skin :/ Luckily I have light skin so I could try using the BB cream. hahaha XD

Last, when I wanted to go home, they gave me a goodie bag. I was rather shocked when I opened the bag, because all of the products are in real size :O They're so generous :') LOL.
So, here's the products that I got :D

The review will be on a separate post. hehe.

Thanks for reading <3