Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fashion & Talks: Little Things are Big

Until now, I still remember that day..
and I still doesn't believe it really happened in my life.
It's the day when I made fashion show for my clothing works, Loli Dreamland.

In here, I'm going to share a bit about my experience and the event <3
Anyway, this post will be long. Therefore I'll be divided it into 2 parts: Talks about my experience and some details of the event.


About my experience,
If you know me, actually I'm a 'melancholic girl' type. Yes, I'm shy, definitely not a risk-taker, i would prefer to be quiet than speaking my opinion in the public.
I was never thinking to start new things and change my negative sides to a better me.
However, everything started to change when I have a goal and dream in my life.

Besides that, I'm so thankful for continuous supports from family, friends and also internet. 
Now maybe you're wondering, why internet? lol.
I've read through internet, people's experience on their journey of changing mindsets, actions, etc..
What I learn the most is about, someone will never be happy/success if you doesn't go through hardships. Those hardships is the thing that makes people become he/she is right now.
Reading one people's story to another doesn't simply make bubble light on my brain. However when I experience a similar thing, then I knew it was definitely a lesson.

credits: Okutabi photography

Before explaining too long about my background, I'll just cut it here~ hahah.
So, what makes me still doesn't believe what I did along the process and that day were because of these reasons..

First, I can speak alone in front of many people, without fears and shaking.
It's a very rare moment when I can do that way. Inside me, I feel scared and nervous, but happiness and dreams were flowing inside my head and body. It finally leads me to forget those fear and nervous.

Imagine when you plan an event. When a person organize most of the things, we could assume this person is a leader, right?
You can say that I'm the leader of that plan. However, I think what could make that event to be success is all about teamwork. Therefore, I'll conclude that nobody is the leader.
Also, I'm so blessed and thankful to have a great team.
Even, I got many supports and help from people which I didn't request previously. Every supports, either in words or actions, it's still illustrate clearly inside my head.

Third, I get new friends which I never expected before. I have some people whom I admire and previously, I never think that I can chat freely with these people. Not only that, I'm also getting closer to some friends when we rarely talk before.

So many things happen actually, but I just didn't remember one by one. hahaha.
I know, my journey is still super duper long, but I think it's good to keep a good memories. When I'm older, I want to read this post again so that I can smile from my heart when reading it..


About the event,
Some of you might be wondering about the outfits which is used on the fashion show, so I'm going to share some photos. Hopefully you got some idea~

Some group photos..

 credits to: Henry Prasetio

and detail shoot of all lovely girls who walk on the show <3

credits to: Okutabi Photography 


                                 credits to: Peito Takarai

credits to: Luki Photoworks & Andreas

 I know this event was actually 3 months ago, but it creates memories for me~
For some of you who might wondering where did I go till I didn't update my blog, that's because I'm moving to Melbourne (for university purpose).

If you're also from Melbourne, left some comments below~ I wanna chat with you and get some new friends here~ I easily get bored recently because I got nothing to do here, unlike when I'm in Jakarta ;P