Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Aquadoll] Long Wavy Curl 005 AB

So, it's my first time to buy a Japan Wig and I'm really exciting to try this new wig xD

Yea, maybe you knew Japan Wig is popular and usually have a GREAT quality. But, the price is expensive.

The great news is, I get a discount price from Aquadoll! So it's only half price of the original.
I'm SOOO HAPPY *crying happily*

Alright, Back to the topic! xD

So, I got this wig from Hazelnutz Cawaii and the delivery time is only 7-10 days until it arrived at my home. The owner is nice and she neatly packaged my wig.

 The wig came with a plastic bag. I really this bag, it's really convenient to use. Maybe price can't lie about it's design and packaging xD hahaha.

Instruction on how to use and tips <3

Among all choice of color and hair model, finally this was my decision :)
Long rich curl wave 005 in Ash brown

My first impression when using this wig were:

"Oh my God, this is so smooth :") I super fall in love with this wig <3"

"Now I know the quality of Japan wig, it's totally different with taobao wig"

"I feel I'm a different person when wearing this wig, maybe people can see me as a Japanese girl xD"

Okay,, honestly I'm really freaking out after receiving the wig.
But, just forget about that xD

Let's jump to my review about this wig.

> Color = The color that you see on the website is rather different with the real one. The real color of this wig is a slightly dark. However, I think the color is nice too.

> Thickness = This wig is thin, but the cap can't be seen by others. However, if the wig gets messy, I think people will notice the wig cap and they will know that actually I'm wearing a wig.

>  Smoothness = I think people shouldn't doubt about it's quality of smoothness. This wig is really smooth and easy to maintain. Also, sometimes I can't comb some of my curly wigs, because once I do it then the curly will be ruined and it's become messy. But, it's not happening to this wig, I can freely comb it whenever I want and the wavy still in a good condition.

>  Cap = The cap is one of the CONS. I think, people with small heads can fit into this wig perfectly. However, I have a rather big head, so even though this wig still fits my head, but I can feel that the wig is a little bit tight and can't cover all of my hairnet.

> Fiber = I think almost all japanese wig using japanese kanekalon fibre. Of course the fibre is awesome and I think taobao's fibre still lose from japanese. Other than that, the wig can be ironed easily and I never worry to restyle this wig

In short, here's my conclusion..

 light (I don't feel heavy when wearing this wig)
Super smooth
Easy to style
Doesn't tangled nor fall out
Natural & not flashy (like human hair)

Hard to buy from Indonesia
Small cap

Yes, but only when I have enough money. LOL

Rating = 9.5/10
*I don't give a full mark because of the cap size :(

Thanks for reading, have a great day :)


  1. So pretty!! Is it overseas online store? I love CPB color <3

    1. The store which I bought the wig is located in Indonesia.
      But, I can't find another store who sell Japan wig :(

      If you want to buy from overseas online store, maybe you can consider "rakuten". Sometimes the price can be cheaper and they offer free shipping :3

  2. Pretty! :) You look very beautiful with the wig :3

    Mikki //

  3. love this! ♥
    btw: your design is really good!

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words <3
      I'm really happy to hear that xD

  4. Hi Rika I've nominated you for Liebster award :) check it out here ^^

    1. Thanks a lot for the chance :D
      I really appreciate it XD

  5. The wig looks so good! It really suits you ^^

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      Yes it's really good and looks natural too <3 hehe.