Monday, May 13, 2013

Beauty Box Indonesia

Hi everyone,
have you heard of Beauty Box?
So, actually it's a box with various beauty items inside it. There are cosmetics, skincare items, body care, and beauty accessories.

and finally .........

Beauty Box has come to Indonesia!
It's a rare moment :")

The name of the company itself is Beauty Treats Indonesia. They also have great offers for the beauty box. Only with IDR 95.000 per month, you can have your own beauty box <3
Moreover, if you want a better beauty box, you can try to register with Platinum package which cost IDR 135.000

Very reasonable price right? :)

But, maybe some of you might think : 
"Hey, the items that we could get is random and maybe some of them are not useful :( "
and here's my answer :
"Usually, you will need to fill the profile part and they'll try to choose the suitable products for you. Moreover, if you look closer to the products inside the box on previous month (April), you will notice that many of them are good products and the brand is really popular. Some of the brands are Mennard, Lioele, Skin 79, Masami Shouko, etc."

So, in my opinion it's really worth if you try to buy this Beauty box. To be honest, I also purchase a beauty box for June. After I received it, I'll gladly share the pictures and reviews to all of you. 

If you get interested to purchase the box, you can click the link below:

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