Sunday, December 28, 2014

[Kaminomoto] Hair growth Accelerator

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I blog my last post.
However, it's time to create another review for hair product :)
PT. Best Brilliant was kindly sent me to try their products and here's the package they sent me..

Inside the package, there are hair growth accelerator, shampoo & conditioner samples and towel.

For now, I'm going to review hair growth accelerator.
Actually, I want to review and post this product earlier. However, I'm trying another hair care products so I decided to use kaminomoto product separately to know the exact result.

Kaminomoto is manufactured in Japan since 1908 and it specifically made to help hair growth.
When a healthy scalp balance is maintained, hair loss doesn't occur. Only when symptoms such as dandruff, itchiness, and greasy scalp could create hair loss.
A key solution for the problem is to take care of hair properly. As you need skin care for your face to create flawless skin, you'll need hair care to maintain healthy hair.

The guides and some info of the products are written in both english and chinese.

Main Ingredients
Sophora Radix (kujin-extract) and Isodonis Japonicus (enmeiso-extract)
Rosemary extract
Glycyrrhetinic acid (kanzo-extract)
Hinokitiol (Hinoki-extract)
Capsicum Frutescens
Pyridoxine HCl

The design packaging is simple but not too attractive. The material is made from glass, so it's kinda heavy but durable.

However, i like this part which made the liquid come out drop by drop.

This product doesn't have special scents which is good or bad. Though it contains medicinal plants (kujin, enmeiso, rosemary, and kanzo), i can only smell its medicine scent a bit after application on my hands.
At first, I worry my hair will smells bad after application, but that doesn't occur. My hair doesn't produce any scent after application.

Watery and easy to apply. Just put generous amount of the liquid and use all over your scalp (I use about 2-3 teaspoon on my scalp).
I suggest to apply it little by little, rather than pour huge amount of the liquid (because liquid can dry easily).

After about 1 month application, I can feel more of new (baby) hair coming out, which means this product could help to achieve thicker hair.
Also, this product helps me to reduce my dandruff, fall out and doesn't create side effects for hair, such as dry/oily/dandruff..

+ helps my scalp to be more healthy (reduce dandruff and fall out hair)
+ the scent is okay considering it's made from medicinal plants
+ easy to apply
+ Help hair growth

- After apply all liquids with my hand, I can finally smell slightly the "medicine" scent on my hand
- The packaging kinda heavy, not practical for traveling.

Kaminomoto products can be found at Century and Guardian (all over Indonesia). Also, you can purchased it online at Lazada and Perfect Beauty.
To me, considering this product proves what its offer, I think buying this product is worth it.

Thanks for reading,
have a good day :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

[B.Liv] Off with those heads

Few weeks ago, I was emailed by B.liv team to try one of their product, Off with those heads.
This product is specialized to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Also, to reduce large pores size.
Sounds interesting?

About B.Liv (Quoted from their website),
B.Liv is skincare line under Cellnique. Cellnique has been the leading paramedical brand in professional skincare industry for over fifteen years. Cellnique has intensively focused on providing the best available skincare solutions- namely, its well-known 9x9 skin care matrix – through professional consultation with skin care centre.

Their aim to create Off with those heads is to help people who has blackheads and whiteheads problem. Therefore it's really suitable for tropical countries.
After experiencing to live in other country with 4 season (Australia), I feel that I got more skincare problems (such as acne and blackheads) while I'm in Indonesia.

Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidiny Urea.

Let's jump to my review..

This product comes in plastic bottle. Eventhough I prefer it to be made from glass (to looks more classy), but the materials they use for the packaging is good (doesn't made from cheap type of plastic). From the bright side, this item is light and easy to fit in your skincare bag.

Once you open the cap, there's a pump and the liquid will come.

The scents is nice and doesn't stings so I think you don't need to worry about it~
Also, rather than having particular scent, actually the cooling feels stands the most. 
The first time I apply, it kinda stings my eyes. However it doesn't happen on my next application.

It's designed as serum-type, so you can apply it easily. When it comes out, it looks like gel, but actually it's watery.

Below is my before and after picture after using this product for 2 weeks (I use it frequently every night).
*Actually if you use it every morning and night (as directed), the result might be better than mine.

On before picture, I took the photos 1 day after using porepack. I don't have any whiteheads but I have many blackheads on my nose and my pores are kinda big. Eventhough I have normal skin face type, but my T-zone are dry (especially in nose area).

On after picture, my skin is improving. I have few blackheads, but it can be get rid easily by gently wipe my nose after washing my face. Therefore, I don't have to squeeze anymore to make the blackheads comes out.
I also feel that my nose now creating enough oil so that my nose aren't dry anymore and my pores are getting smaller.

Result might differ for people with different skin types with me.
I'm not sure for the result with people who have oily skin types. Also, since I don't have whiteheads, I don't know if this product could removes whiteheads. You may refer to other reviews for better understanding :)


+ control oils
+ Removes blackheads
+ Travel friendly
+ Easy to apply
+ Pores getting smaller.

- Pricey (IDR 590,000 or USD 50)
- Cooling sensation stings eyes on first application.

Where to find B.Liv and their products? 
Instagram: bliv_indonesia


Thanks for reading,
have a good day  <3

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fashion & Talks: Little Things are Big

Until now, I still remember that day..
and I still doesn't believe it really happened in my life.
It's the day when I made fashion show for my clothing works, Loli Dreamland.

In here, I'm going to share a bit about my experience and the event <3
Anyway, this post will be long. Therefore I'll be divided it into 2 parts: Talks about my experience and some details of the event.


About my experience,
If you know me, actually I'm a 'melancholic girl' type. Yes, I'm shy, definitely not a risk-taker, i would prefer to be quiet than speaking my opinion in the public.
I was never thinking to start new things and change my negative sides to a better me.
However, everything started to change when I have a goal and dream in my life.

Besides that, I'm so thankful for continuous supports from family, friends and also internet. 
Now maybe you're wondering, why internet? lol.
I've read through internet, people's experience on their journey of changing mindsets, actions, etc..
What I learn the most is about, someone will never be happy/success if you doesn't go through hardships. Those hardships is the thing that makes people become he/she is right now.
Reading one people's story to another doesn't simply make bubble light on my brain. However when I experience a similar thing, then I knew it was definitely a lesson.

credits: Okutabi photography

Before explaining too long about my background, I'll just cut it here~ hahah.
So, what makes me still doesn't believe what I did along the process and that day were because of these reasons..

First, I can speak alone in front of many people, without fears and shaking.
It's a very rare moment when I can do that way. Inside me, I feel scared and nervous, but happiness and dreams were flowing inside my head and body. It finally leads me to forget those fear and nervous.

Imagine when you plan an event. When a person organize most of the things, we could assume this person is a leader, right?
You can say that I'm the leader of that plan. However, I think what could make that event to be success is all about teamwork. Therefore, I'll conclude that nobody is the leader.
Also, I'm so blessed and thankful to have a great team.
Even, I got many supports and help from people which I didn't request previously. Every supports, either in words or actions, it's still illustrate clearly inside my head.

Third, I get new friends which I never expected before. I have some people whom I admire and previously, I never think that I can chat freely with these people. Not only that, I'm also getting closer to some friends when we rarely talk before.

So many things happen actually, but I just didn't remember one by one. hahaha.
I know, my journey is still super duper long, but I think it's good to keep a good memories. When I'm older, I want to read this post again so that I can smile from my heart when reading it..


About the event,
Some of you might be wondering about the outfits which is used on the fashion show, so I'm going to share some photos. Hopefully you got some idea~

Some group photos..

 credits to: Henry Prasetio

and detail shoot of all lovely girls who walk on the show <3

credits to: Okutabi Photography 


                                 credits to: Peito Takarai

credits to: Luki Photoworks & Andreas

 I know this event was actually 3 months ago, but it creates memories for me~
For some of you who might wondering where did I go till I didn't update my blog, that's because I'm moving to Melbourne (for university purpose).

If you're also from Melbourne, left some comments below~ I wanna chat with you and get some new friends here~ I easily get bored recently because I got nothing to do here, unlike when I'm in Jakarta ;P

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Food Travel: Too Too Moo

Hello everyone,
sorry for my long absence! >w<
Few weeks ago, I got a chance travelling to Surabaya with my siblings. It was my first time travel to another city without my parents. LOL. 
We have lots of fun there~

First destination after we reach our hotel, we went to a dessert cafe named, 
Too Too Moo.
They have various desserts and some beverages. Too bad I don't have the courage to take picture for all cakes they display, because I was too shy >////< *slapped*.

The interior is really cozy. It feels like home for me <3
They also have television on the front cafe. You can play, talk, and relax in this place.

 Here's some desserts that we order

 1st dessert: Chocolate Tart (with marshmallow below the chocolate ganache and rhum)

Basically the taste is rich and fun, since they use marshmallow. However, you can feel very full after eating half of this tart. I also can't really taste the rhum when trying this tart, I think they have to put more rhum to the cake (*note: personally, I love the smell and taste of rhum). 

2nd dessert: Mango mouse (with sliced sponge cake)

This mouse is my choice and I didn't regret to order this XD I don't usually eat whole cake/desserts (I only take some bites), but for this one I can finish it by myself. LOL.
When usually you can feel very full when eating a cake, the 'sweetness' from mango in this cake won't make you 'feel sick' easily. Definitely a perfect combination for this cake!

3rd & 4th dessert: Dark Chocolate ganache cake and raspberry macaroon

First of all, sorry I don't really remember the exact name of the last dish, but if I'm not mistaken, those are the names. The chocolate ganache is really yummy, eventhough chocolate have rich flavour, but when eating the cake, it doesn't make me full easily (I think it's from the bitter taste from dark chocolate). The chocolate sponge feels very soft and fluffy too~
As for the macaroon, I really love how it taste! The texture is soft eventhough the outer part is kinda hard. Also, it's not very sweet like other macaroon usually are.

Overall, I love the cakes in here, since the sweet level is perfect (not too sweet) and the price is reasonable too (the range is about IDR 20,000 - IDR 50,000, but most cakes are IDR 30,000).

If you visit Surabaya, maybe you can drop by this place! :)


-- See you in my next post! :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IBB makeup Challenge, all about Japan~

Sorry for lacking of posts, this month I have my final exams so I really need to study dilligently >w<

Anyway, Indonesia Beauty Blogger has a new challenge in May, which the theme is anything that relates to Japan. This time they're collaborating with Japan Softlens.
OMG, I'm so excited when reading the news! XD

Basically this makeup is about Lolita~
For those of you who didn't know about lolita, I'll show some pictures of the well known Lolita girl in almost all country~

-Misako Aoki- 
(picts taken from google)

I wanted to create Classic Lolita makeup look but still match the color of the dress I'm wearing, so I choose chocolate, mint blue, and white as the color for eyeshadow.
Here's the my selfie~ XD

credits to Noph Nov Photography

and below, you can see the dress I wanted to match with my makeup XD

Sorry I didn't make any tutorial for this makeup look, but I promise after my final exam is done I'll try to make several lolita makeup tutorial, since I actually wanted to share to all of you after I learn this makeup style from several sources. hehe.

Thanks for reading
and wish me luck <3

Monday, May 5, 2014

[Lucido-L] Hair Vitamin for dry hair

Finally after some hectic days preparing this and that for my fashion show (other than doing my primary job as a college student), I have more time to properly blog again :')

Today I have 2 hair products that I wanted to share.
Both of them is coming from the same brand, Lucido-L.
They have 3 choices based on types of hair, the one that I picked is for Dry Hair, since my hair is very damaged because of smoothing 1 year ago :')
*note: damaged hair can make hair easily dry.

First, Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil for Dry Hair.

The liquid is in form of oil, so it slides very quickly when I try to drop it on my hand. It can also absorp well into my hair after application.

See the picture below? this is a comparison before and after when I test the vitamin oil on my super dry hair :( I'm using 1/2 pump to achieve the 'after' picture.

The effect after using this product for few months: 
It really helps me to at least make my hair better (not really dry), but it's not that super awesome that can always make my hair smooth everyday. The effect after applying this vitamin oil after I wash my hair can be directly felt. Before (without using the oil), when I comb my hair, sometimes the comb get stuck, but if I apply the vitamin oil, my hair is very smooth and I can combed easily.
In my case, usually I only apply the vitamin oil (including vitamin spray) once in every 2 days (only when I wash my hair).

Second, Lucido-L vitamin spray.

The after effect of this spray is not as amazing as the vitamin oil. When I spray it to my wet hair, I still feel that my hair didn't change. However after my hair is dry, finally I can feel that my hair is smooth~
Therefore, the effect will be feel only when your hair isn't wet.

The long term effect for this item is more or less the same with vitamin oil :3

Anyway, I think that those 2 are a great product, considering the price which is very reasonable (about IDR 35,000 or $3) :) I recommend this hair product for those who want to have a good and healthy hair.

Thanks for reading! :)