Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking through Memories & Resolutions

First of all, I want to say: HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!~
New year, means having new resolution and collecting some greatest/memorable moments in the previous year.

- Thinking back about the past (2013) what have I did? -

  • Self changes. Maybe some of you who already being friends with me, knew that I'm a nice, kind, and patient girl. However, looking back, I realized that I sometimes I act like children, act before thinking.. When I get upset, I did what I want to right at that time, eventhough it's not extreme. Right after I start my college, I tried to fix it, little by little.
  • Hobby. My parents started to acknowledge my skills at sewing. I notice that after I've made various outfit, they support me with what I love to do, cosplay and wear lolita. It's not that they doesn't allow me to do the hobby at first, but it's just making them realize cosplay and lolita are actually positive, not only something which is done for short term of fun.
  • Meet new friends & best friends. Through some Japanese events and new college I knew various great people and being friends with them.
  • Bangs. After about 10 years not having bangs at all (coz mom doesn't allow me), I decided to change my hairstyle by having straight bangs. lol.
  • Graduating from high school with good score.
  • Trying to lose some weight, but in the end I gain more weight compared to last new year OTL
  • Being thankful and happier in this new year - on many aspects.

For 2014, my resolutions are:
  1. Blogging more often. I realized sometimes I only have 2 post in a month, while sometimes I had 8. Therefore, I hope this year I could be informative and express my creativity through this blog by posting oftenly~ I also promise to have more quality pictures. Maybe you notice that there's some changes with my photos recently, right? Now I'm trying to edit all pictures as best as i could.
  2. Keep in touch with my best friends, cause I actually starting to lose friends right after graduation *sigh*
  3. Losing some weight. It's still on my wish list for this year, because I always feel insecure when I'm getting fat ;; Therefore I'll be more often in doing exercise, hopefully I could routinely do exercise 3-4 times in a week.
  4. Finish my college in mid 2014 and continue my university in Melbourne  :')
  5. Go to Japan with my own money. I'll try to search part time job at Melbourne and saving money for the trip. It's because I don't want to burden my parents and I think they could be proud when they know her daughter is independent.
  6. Having more wonderful memories and meet wonderful people.
  7. Care more with my skin. I usually very lazy to wash and clean my face at night, which I know it's really bad :/ Thank God that I don't have acnes.
  8. Create more wonderful outfit in terms of quality and quantity. This picture below, could summarize what I made during 2013. I hope one day i have a room which is full of my creations.

In short, I'm grateful for 2013 and I really hope 2014 will brought more smile to me :))

Have you did your resolutions? I really recommend it because it's important to know your goals and achievement~ :3

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fashion Photography: Sweet Dessert

Few days ago, I had a chance to become a photographer (once again) and took some photos of a friend who loves lolita fashion. Both of us are not professional in modeling or photography. We just do our best in this photoshoot :)
Anyway, the dress and accessories are made by me.


As tea time already came, a girl who loves teddy bear confuse to pick a cake. All of the cake looks delicious~ 

After thinking several moments, she finally choose this cake. 
A combination of chocolate soft roll cake with matcha ice cream.

The taste is so heavenly soft, the chocolate feels melt in her mouth.
and the ice cream.. is a perfect combination with the cake. 
It's really delicious and not too sweet so she could finish this 1 plate for herself..

Her favorite tea is camomile, tea is the best compliment while eating a cake. It will neutralize the sweetness with its flowery scent..

She's really happy to visit this cafe, the interior, atmosphere, and food & drinks are so pretty with a touch of sweet and classic.


Special thanks to Rati Rati :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Introducing B blog

*Since B blog is specialized for Indonesian user, for the very first time I'll just use Indonesian language*

hai hai semuaaa~
kalian udah pada tau B blog belum?
aku rasa beberapa blogger udah banyak yg tau yahh..

Buat kalian yg belum tau, jadiii B blog itu apa sih?
'B Blog merupakan layanan terbatas hanya untuk anggota, agar dapat merasakan pengalaman menarik saat menyebarkan suatu informasi melalui sebuah blog

Saat Anda mendaftarkan diri sebagai anggota, kami akan mengenalkan "proyek" kepada Anda.'

Jadii, intinya setelah kalian mendaftar ikutan B blog, nantinya akan ada beberapa project yg bisa kalian pilih utk diikuti. Beberapa hal diantaranya adalah =
>> (sample) mendapat product dr perusahaan yg bekerjasama dgn B blog. Jadi nanti setelah kalian mendapat barangnya, lalu kalian bisa membuat reviewnya.
>> (Event) Bisa dalam bentuk gathering, talk show, dll.
>> (Informasi) berita&info tentang produk baru

- contoh proyek yg bisa kalian pilih -

Yuk ikutan bikin B blog juga, tentunya kalian bisa merasakan macem" keuntungan nantinya~ :D  
Click linknya disini

Monday, December 23, 2013

Get your beauty skin with V10plus

for fellow Indonesian bloggers & non-bloggers, have you knew about Carnelin's x'mas giveaway ?
All prizes consist of fashion and beauty products!
in total, there are 17 gift.

Among all gifts that I like, this items is my most wanted products! xD

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream 

Quasi Serum

Why these 2 items?
If i should choose between skincare or makeup products, I would definitely choose skincare first.. When I have a nice and healthy skin, I would definitely proud (?) and confident to go anywhere even with my bare face~ hahaha.
Currently, with overload projects and work stuffs related, I'm lacking of sleep. Therefore, acne  and (what I hate the most) dark circles started to appear.
I believe with those items it will help me to achieve my healthy and beauty skin again <3

Do you want to see how I look ? 
* Ps: this photo is kinda scary, my face.... omg. hahahaha. *

Hopefully I could get those item(s) [1 is good, but 2 is perfect, lol]
Today is the last day to join, you still have some hours remaining! :D
Don't forget to check out her blog to see the giveaway~

Happy early christmas!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Flowers in Friendship

Friends are always come and go. However, it doesn't mean that you can just let them go and erase the memories you've went through..
For me, friends is one of the important thing in my life. They help me to improve 'inside' and 'outside'.

That girl, is one of my lolita best friend. Currently she went abroad to Japan for taking fashion college. We share the same love and passion in fashion <3
In the past, I thought that it's hard to have friend which share the same hobby and have interest in same field. However, I realized it's not totally true.
I met her from 'cosplay world'. Actually I just started to talk with her this year, but time fly too fast- In those months, we talk about lolita, sewing, and design. All of them created pieces of puzzle which finally build a portrait.

(Credit: Hafizh)

(Credit: Richard William)

Actually, I also have some best friends in high school. People's saying about high school memories are actually very true. Eventhough there are bunch of homeworks and test, but the memories are unforgetable. 

Thinking about the past, 
I'm glad to chose that school.. 
I'm glad to have that teachers and classmates..
I'm glad to study that subjects..
and I'm glad to endure all hard and good times together with my friend..

(credit: Peito Takarai)

Friendships are like flowers, which they need water to keep it alive.
Similarly like best-friend relationship. They need to keep in touch and communicate each other to keep the friendship.
All I need to say, be happy if you have best friends in your life and don't ever lose them.


headpiece - handmade by me
Necklace - diva
knit cardigan - no brand (bought in Hongkong)
dress - Sole Mio
shoes - no brand (bought in Melbourne)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Loli Dreamland Giveaway [Winner announcement]

Do you still remember the giveaway?

First of all, I want to thank all participants who already joining~

I know it's harder to comment below the post, because sometimes the comment section won't showed or some post were disappeared *some of you tells me the issue* OTL
However, I think it will be more effective in minimize the chance to cheat. Actually I believe most of you won't do it, but it's better to prevent, right? hahaha. Moreover, my friends told me that they already submit the entry in rafflecopter but it just doesn't show when I check all the entry..
In short, there will be disadvantages in every method. hahaha.

Alright, I'll just straight to the point of today's post~

The winner is ...........................


Dewie Aprilia

I will contact the winner today (4 December 2013) as I stated before on my giveaway post.
Next, the winner should response within 2x24 hours or I will pick another winner.

Congratulation for the winner 
 for those who haven't win, don't be discourage, because I have another giveaway this month! 
Will post it later after posting some review~

Monday, December 2, 2013

The best food as a remedy & beauty related

Hello guys,
today I want to introduce a food that works like a magic to me..
Maybe some of you already know, but some others don't. Therefore, I decide to write this post :)

The food that I meant is Lemon.

Here's some of the best funtion of lemon in my daily life:
(excluding part of washing dishes XD)

1. Part of food Ingredients
Mostly people will use lemon as dressing or as a part to cook something, such as Lemon fish, lemon pie, etc etc.. By using lemon, it will made the food taste more fresh.

2. Remedy for Sore Throat
It's one of the best part of lemon! I could easily got sore throat, that's why I always drink so much water in a day. If you knows me, one items that I couldn't bring aside of wallet and handphone is my water bottle. LOL.
Usually I will squeeze the lemon and add a little bit honey into it, without adding water. 
*you can just drink the lemon without adding honey if you want, I do it because I can't stand the sourness of lemon*
Of course, it taste super sour. However after drink it....Trust me, it is a big help to cure sore throat. (It took me around 3 times of drinking lemon till finally I healed from the sore throat)

3. Diet meals
Many Dietician suggest that people who wants to start their diet, they could eat lemon or water lemon to be success in their diet. It is used because lemon could help human's immune system stay strong, eventhough they didn't eat too many food in a day. In short, consuming lemon will prevent you to become exhausted.

4. Biggest contributor for Vitamin C
I guess most of you already know the benefit of vitamin C.. Lemon is an excelent sources to get vitamin C and also the greatest contributor for antioxidant.

5. Mask
Using mask could help you to gain smooth and glowing skin. You can use honey & lemon as a daily mask routine. How to make it? Check this link

Do you also love lemon like I do? :D

Oh anyway, the giveaway will close today in 12 pm at Indonesian time, which means 3 hours left to join..
See ya on my next post~

Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Dr. Jart+] V7 BB Cream

This post has been postponed for a long long time due to my activities as a new university student TT__TT
However, yes I miss blogging. To do review, taking pictures, writing about my thought, etc..
Therefore, I'm happy cause finally I could write again in this blog <3

Anyway, I got a BB cream from attending Dr. Jart+ event, named V7 Beauty Balm..

What they claim?
- A multifunctional, antiaging, protecting, and perfecting BB cream with Flexitone technology to provide flawless, natural-looking coverage 
- Features SPF 30 sun protection 

About my thought:

> Packaging
I really love the design. Recently, I adore the simple design but looks classy. Honestly, to me it's hard to achieve. I still prefer making detailed design~
It maybe looks the same with other packaging in terms of BB cream. However, plastic is chosen as the base (which make it light) and the shape is tube (which won't take much place in your makeup case).

> Formula
Light. A good sign for 'worth to buy' products is that you didn't feel heavy when wearing the makeup. and it's happen with this BB cream.
Moreover, it's neither sticky nor watery, which make it easy to apply the BB cream.

> Scent
I don't know what kind of scent it is, but I love the scent. It doesn't smell like cosmetic, which I really hate. If I could describe the scent in 1 word, that would be 'fresh'

> Coverage
It's good! The coverage is medium-high. Perfect for daily wear.
However, if you search for a high coverage type, I think it's better to use foundation (because mostly BB cream only offer medium-high coverage). Other than that, it has whitening effect (temporary), which could made my face more brighter without being freaky.

> Staying Power
The coverage effect could last up to 12 hours (used indoor). However, for normal activities (I like to move around, so it will made me sweaty) it will last around 8 hours. Not bad huh? X3

(After using the BB cream, my face becomes glowing and brighter. Of course it helps a lot in making flawless face)
Anyway, my dark circle aren't really bad that time and I don't have many acnes. Therefore this BB cream is good enough to cover my face. I think if you have many acnes you also need a Great concealer to create flawless face..

+ Nice packaging
+ easy to carry (not heavy)
+ Good staying power
+ Medium-high coverage
+ Light (formula)
+ Nice scent

- Rather hard to make the bb cream comes out (required to push harder)
- Only 1 size available, not suitable for dark skin.

Rating? 9/10

*Personally, I love this product, because of its effect and luckily it fits my skin color.

Alright, last selca~ lol.
Actually this photo wasn't focus, but my expression kinda funny. lol XD

See you in my next post :) 


Friday, November 1, 2013

Loli Dreamland Giveaway

Maybe some of you already know that I've made a page which consist some of my personal outfit and for sale clothing.
It's one of my dream to create a page for my design and handmade collection. Therefore, I feel super happy because I've accomplish it Xd
To celebrate it, I made another giveaway for all my friends, readers, and supporters :)

What will be the prize? 

1. Lucky pack from Loli Dreamland Collection
2. 3 pairs of my favorite eyelashes
3. Menard fairlucent white essence (sample)
4. Masami Shouko Travel Powder Case
5. OPI mini nail polish in fuschia color
6. Dr. Jart+ V7 bb cream (sample) --> this bb cream is one of my favorite~
7. Tutuana gradient grey socks (1 pair)

What's the inside of Loli Dreamland Lucky pack?
It's a secret XD But for sure, you'll love the prize inside it. It maybe consist cardigan/cape/skirt/accessories~
You'll know it after unboxing the pack.
Moreover, inside the pack I will put item(s) which is suitable with your taste. Therefore, the winner will tell me what kind fashion style they like? Cute/cool/lolita-ish/gothic/etc....

Sounds really interesting right? hehehe.

Anyway, if you haven't see my first line-up collection. Here's the picture..

You can also see more details and informations HERE


This giveaway will use raffle ticket method. The winner will be choosen on 2 December 2013 via Random.org. 1 method will earn 1 raffle ticket. 

A) Like my page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loli-Dreamland/186560798195380
Like the photo and share to PUBLIC Giveaway announcement
B) Subscribe my facebook account on https://www.facebook.com/yukari.serizawa.9
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C) Follow this blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
write your GFC name
D) Follow this blog via BlogLovin
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E) Follow Loli Dreamland Collection on instagram @lolidreamland
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F) Follow Yukari's instagram @rikanathania
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G) Follow Loli Dreamland on Deviantart 
 Provide your Deviantart profile link
H) Follow my twitter @lolidreamland_
Retweet the Giveaway announcement

You can do point A), B), and H) everyday by sharing the giveaway. By doing it, you will earn more points. (Please note= Max. share per day 1) That's because sometimes I found it annoying when a same giveaway will be shared so many times in a day.
Please your entry below in the comment section along with your email. Therefore, I can contact the winner easily by email.

The winner will be contacted on 4 December 2013 and please response within 2x24 hours.

 Anyway, my teddy bear has a message for you X3

hahahah XD
Hope you'll join this giveaway and good luck! :D

Monday, October 28, 2013

Launching my first brand

Hello everyone,
I knew this month I'm lacking of posts. That's because I just entering college this month and I'm kinda busy to study so I could catch up with the materials.
Fyi, I studied science in my high school, but I ended chose business in college. Therefore, of course I need extra time to study at home :')


one of my dream for this year is accomplished!
I made a clothing store..
All the products are designed & handmade by me.

Also, the name of the store is Loli Dreamland
Actually I want to use different name, but I'm too confuse. LOL. Finally I chose to use this blog's name after lots of thought XD
The page not only consist the items which are for sale. However, I put some of personal works there..
Mostly, it will be about fashion related, like accessories, dresses, skirts, clothes, etc.

Here's some photos of the very first collection that I launch~

You can see more infomations and details on Loli Dreamland's Facebook page.

Clothing Designs, Makeup, hair style, and photograph by me
Model by Tanti (she's my good friend)