Monday, December 2, 2013

The best food as a remedy & beauty related

Hello guys,
today I want to introduce a food that works like a magic to me..
Maybe some of you already know, but some others don't. Therefore, I decide to write this post :)

The food that I meant is Lemon.

Here's some of the best funtion of lemon in my daily life:
(excluding part of washing dishes XD)

1. Part of food Ingredients
Mostly people will use lemon as dressing or as a part to cook something, such as Lemon fish, lemon pie, etc etc.. By using lemon, it will made the food taste more fresh.

2. Remedy for Sore Throat
It's one of the best part of lemon! I could easily got sore throat, that's why I always drink so much water in a day. If you knows me, one items that I couldn't bring aside of wallet and handphone is my water bottle. LOL.
Usually I will squeeze the lemon and add a little bit honey into it, without adding water. 
*you can just drink the lemon without adding honey if you want, I do it because I can't stand the sourness of lemon*
Of course, it taste super sour. However after drink it....Trust me, it is a big help to cure sore throat. (It took me around 3 times of drinking lemon till finally I healed from the sore throat)

3. Diet meals
Many Dietician suggest that people who wants to start their diet, they could eat lemon or water lemon to be success in their diet. It is used because lemon could help human's immune system stay strong, eventhough they didn't eat too many food in a day. In short, consuming lemon will prevent you to become exhausted.

4. Biggest contributor for Vitamin C
I guess most of you already know the benefit of vitamin C.. Lemon is an excelent sources to get vitamin C and also the greatest contributor for antioxidant.

5. Mask
Using mask could help you to gain smooth and glowing skin. You can use honey & lemon as a daily mask routine. How to make it? Check this link

Do you also love lemon like I do? :D

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See ya on my next post~

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