Monday, December 23, 2013

Get your beauty skin with V10plus

for fellow Indonesian bloggers & non-bloggers, have you knew about Carnelin's x'mas giveaway ?
All prizes consist of fashion and beauty products!
in total, there are 17 gift.

Among all gifts that I like, this items is my most wanted products! xD

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream 

Quasi Serum

Why these 2 items?
If i should choose between skincare or makeup products, I would definitely choose skincare first.. When I have a nice and healthy skin, I would definitely proud (?) and confident to go anywhere even with my bare face~ hahaha.
Currently, with overload projects and work stuffs related, I'm lacking of sleep. Therefore, acne  and (what I hate the most) dark circles started to appear.
I believe with those items it will help me to achieve my healthy and beauty skin again <3

Do you want to see how I look ? 
* Ps: this photo is kinda scary, my face.... omg. hahahaha. *

Hopefully I could get those item(s) [1 is good, but 2 is perfect, lol]
Today is the last day to join, you still have some hours remaining! :D
Don't forget to check out her blog to see the giveaway~

Happy early christmas!

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