Monday, December 9, 2013

Flowers in Friendship

Friends are always come and go. However, it doesn't mean that you can just let them go and erase the memories you've went through..
For me, friends is one of the important thing in my life. They help me to improve 'inside' and 'outside'.

That girl, is one of my lolita best friend. Currently she went abroad to Japan for taking fashion college. We share the same love and passion in fashion <3
In the past, I thought that it's hard to have friend which share the same hobby and have interest in same field. However, I realized it's not totally true.
I met her from 'cosplay world'. Actually I just started to talk with her this year, but time fly too fast- In those months, we talk about lolita, sewing, and design. All of them created pieces of puzzle which finally build a portrait.

(Credit: Hafizh)

(Credit: Richard William)

Actually, I also have some best friends in high school. People's saying about high school memories are actually very true. Eventhough there are bunch of homeworks and test, but the memories are unforgetable. 

Thinking about the past, 
I'm glad to chose that school.. 
I'm glad to have that teachers and classmates..
I'm glad to study that subjects..
and I'm glad to endure all hard and good times together with my friend..

(credit: Peito Takarai)

Friendships are like flowers, which they need water to keep it alive.
Similarly like best-friend relationship. They need to keep in touch and communicate each other to keep the friendship.
All I need to say, be happy if you have best friends in your life and don't ever lose them.


headpiece - handmade by me
Necklace - diva
knit cardigan - no brand (bought in Hongkong)
dress - Sole Mio
shoes - no brand (bought in Melbourne)

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