Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lolita Fashion - The Classic Town

Once in a sunny day,
I'm going out from my castle and searching for a comfortable place to relax and feel the fresh air.

However I shouldn't go too long, because I have tea time with my family in few hours...

 I decided to walk around and enjoy my surroundings: the beautiful interior, nature, and every person that I met.

and finally before coming back, I go to a beautiful garden, my favorite place where I can spent most of my time just to enjoy the nature and thankful for anything that I had.


I realized that I'm rarely to post my lolita coordinate outfit for dresses that I've made.
Eventhough I've made so many dresses (now already 30++), I can count with my fingers on how many dresses that I properly took pictures.
But anyway, I'm already very happy when I can wear lolita.

Thank you Okutabi Photography for taking thepictures :)
and thank you for reading this post~

Monday, March 17, 2014

[Artistry] Eye&Lip Makeup Remover

Hello everyone,
sorry for my absence for not blogging last week ;;;

Alright, now i've another product to share about my opinion with you :)

Packaging is great. The bottle is made from mixture of glass and plastic, so it's little bit heavy but it won't break if it drops. As for the design, I would give my thumbs up. LOL.
Why? because it creates an image of that this product is expensive by looking at its design.
(*note: design will be valued higher if it looks more pricey)

To make the liquid comes out, you need to shake several times and the liquid will drops little by little (just like circle lens water solution). This idea is great, because if you accidentally drop this remover, all of the liquids won't get out everywhere and become a waste.

The Scents is nice, it has sweet scent and not too strong. Also, for the feeling when using this remover, I can feel relaxing because it has cold sensation (like putting mask on your eye) XD Moreover it doesn't hurt my eyes when I tried to remove my waterline eyes. 
Other than that, I find that most of makeup remover will make my face oily (after removing all makeup), but this product doesn't create too much oil on my face~

This is the essential point of makeup remover, the Power to remove our makeup.
As an experiment, I choose Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. This eyeliner is well known for the durability of waterproof and smudge proof.

Applying the eyeliner (only)

Then, I put few drops of the remover to a cotton..

Swap 1 time

Swap 2 times

After swap for the 3rd time, the eyeliner completely clean.

Last, for the price, it cost around IDR 200,000 which might be considered expensive for most people. Anyway, it's just a remover right? lol.
However, I knew that I shouldn't put too much pressure especially on eyes area when removing all eye makeup. Therefore, choosing a remover which have good power on removing all makeup would be the best decision.

Overall, I don't regret for buying this when comparing the price and the performance. 

Thanks for reading <3
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

[Dr Jart+] Moist moist series

Hello, today I have 2 skincare items which I'm going to review..
Water-Max Sleeping Mask & Water-sure Gel Cream

First, I'm going to review the water-sure gel.

What Dr. Jart+ claims?
This refreshing, oil-free gel cream binds moisture to the skin for long-lasting hydration without stickiness, while olive leaf and cranberry strengthen the skin barrier to boost elasticity.

The packaging is so pretty! I think you might also agree with me.
I think the 'glass' package makes it looks classy <3

Water-sure gel is actually a type of moisturizer. Eventhough it's in the form of gel, but the formula doesn't sticky. Everytime I use this product, the gel absorbs well into my skin and I feel refreshed. When using this product regularly, I can see the improvement on my face, it becomes smoother (like baby skin).
As for the scents, it's smells nice and not too strong.
People with sensitive skin can also used this gel (because actually my face is kinda sensitive with skincare).


Brief description of Water-max sleeping mask from Dr. Jart+ =
Sleep is when the body repairs itself. Make use of this precious healing period with this weightless, leave-on mask that creates a protective barrier on your skin, locking in vital moisture and nutrients while you “beauty sleep.” Hyaluronic acid macromolecule feeds continuous moisture deep into the dermal layer, replenishing skin’s nighttime water supply, while olive leaf and cranberry strengthen the skin barrier to boost elasticity. A fragrant blend of nine essential oils promote a deep, comforting sleep, leaving your skin ultimately revitalized and you refreshed.

The product is packaged with a pump. To make the mask comes out, just press the middle button (as pictured below)

This mask is kinda different with other mask, the texture for this mask is light and not very sticky. Therefore, you can use this mask when you sleep all night long. 
I usually only apply a thin layer over my face before I go to sleep. The next day, I'll clean up the mask by using warm/cool water.

See the picture below? Yes the mask is almost invisible. It's similar like when you're using moisturizer at night/morning.
I recommend to use this mask after you've clean your face, apply toner/moisturizer, serum, etc. and the last, you can use this before sleep :)

The next day when I woke up, I already can feel that my face are getting smoother and my pores can be smaller a little bit. I find that this mask is a bit more effective than using regular mask :P
After using this product regularly, of course it helps a lot in improving my face skin condition. At least, even though I'm lacking of sleep, acnes and pores don't always come on to my face.

Overall, I think both of water sleeping mask and gel are good products. Those 2 products could improved my skin to be better and healthier. However, among 2 product I would say that I really love water-max sleeping max, because I already can see my skin improvement the next day after wearing it XD The downside of the products is just the price, it's kinda expensive (about $38-$40).

Thanks for reading,
have a nice weekend! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lolita Ice Cream Party

Hello, these weekend was totally a blast to me and I'm still really happy right now.

So, yesterday I attend Ice Cream Party, hosted by the 3 admins from  Lolita Fashion Indonesia .
The venue is in Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia (Jakarta).

 After we finished eating our dishes, there's 2 mini game.
The first one is about predicting brand clothes. 
In this game, we were given some dresses pictures and we should write down the brand name.

and finally I win! lol. I didn't expect at all. *dancing*
Usually I like to visit some of the brand clothes websites such as Innoncent World, Baby, Angelic Pretty, etc. Each of them actually have specialty in the design, so based on their own specialty I tried to predict~ Luckily most of my prediction is true (like 3/4 of the question), so I get the prize :')
This bow headband is from Baby The Star Shines bright, one of my favorite Lolita store <3
Among all of my handmade lolita items, I'm so happy to finally have my very first favorite Lolita brand item.

Next game's winner <3 Congrats Sasya! :D

About 12 lolitas are coming in this meet up. 9 members + 3 admins.
Here's their coordinate pictures.






and here's my photo with my coordinate that day <3
Actually I toned down my lolita style, because of some reasons X3

Some people are asking for taking picts, as I expected. lol.

and here's the awesome admins!

Some photo with friends before going home~

and some selcas with Misa! She's a blogger too <3


See you on my next post~
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