Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lolita Fashion - The Classic Town

Once in a sunny day,
I'm going out from my castle and searching for a comfortable place to relax and feel the fresh air.

However I shouldn't go too long, because I have tea time with my family in few hours...

 I decided to walk around and enjoy my surroundings: the beautiful interior, nature, and every person that I met.

and finally before coming back, I go to a beautiful garden, my favorite place where I can spent most of my time just to enjoy the nature and thankful for anything that I had.


I realized that I'm rarely to post my lolita coordinate outfit for dresses that I've made.
Eventhough I've made so many dresses (now already 30++), I can count with my fingers on how many dresses that I properly took pictures.
But anyway, I'm already very happy when I can wear lolita.

Thank you Okutabi Photography for taking thepictures :)
and thank you for reading this post~

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