Monday, March 17, 2014

[Artistry] Eye&Lip Makeup Remover

Hello everyone,
sorry for my absence for not blogging last week ;;;

Alright, now i've another product to share about my opinion with you :)

Packaging is great. The bottle is made from mixture of glass and plastic, so it's little bit heavy but it won't break if it drops. As for the design, I would give my thumbs up. LOL.
Why? because it creates an image of that this product is expensive by looking at its design.
(*note: design will be valued higher if it looks more pricey)

To make the liquid comes out, you need to shake several times and the liquid will drops little by little (just like circle lens water solution). This idea is great, because if you accidentally drop this remover, all of the liquids won't get out everywhere and become a waste.

The Scents is nice, it has sweet scent and not too strong. Also, for the feeling when using this remover, I can feel relaxing because it has cold sensation (like putting mask on your eye) XD Moreover it doesn't hurt my eyes when I tried to remove my waterline eyes. 
Other than that, I find that most of makeup remover will make my face oily (after removing all makeup), but this product doesn't create too much oil on my face~

This is the essential point of makeup remover, the Power to remove our makeup.
As an experiment, I choose Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. This eyeliner is well known for the durability of waterproof and smudge proof.

Applying the eyeliner (only)

Then, I put few drops of the remover to a cotton..

Swap 1 time

Swap 2 times

After swap for the 3rd time, the eyeliner completely clean.

Last, for the price, it cost around IDR 200,000 which might be considered expensive for most people. Anyway, it's just a remover right? lol.
However, I knew that I shouldn't put too much pressure especially on eyes area when removing all eye makeup. Therefore, choosing a remover which have good power on removing all makeup would be the best decision.

Overall, I don't regret for buying this when comparing the price and the performance. 

Thanks for reading <3
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