Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Nature Themed Coordinate

Hello everyone :)
It's been a long time I don't participate in Lolita Blog Carnival post.
I was so lucky that the chosen theme for this week is 'nature theme coordinate'. That's because I've just recently finish making new costume and doing photoshoot.


The dress, accessories and headpiece are made by me.
My original theme for the design is actually about nature & vintage, but I tried to mix some elements of Lolita.

All photos above are collaboration between me & my brother. It's his first time taking photoshoot with SLR camera. It's kinda hard to teach him on how to get a good photo, but at last we manage to have some good pictures. hahaha xD
Finally, I edit some photo which I think are good enough~


and here's some picture details of the dress & headpiece...


Thanks for reading, 
have a great weekend! :)

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