Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[The Face Shop] Face It Aura CC Cream Review

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite CC Cream :) Sometimes I'd prefer to choose CC cream rather than foundation/BB Cream for daily activities. 
Want to know why? Read more for the review~

Packaging: Basically the color is peach pink which I really love, because I love pastel color. lol. It comes with a mirror and sponge. It's useful especially when I need to do my makeup in car,  I don't need to bring additional mirror. However, this CC cream is rather heavy, for travelling, I still suggest to bring travel size/sample.

To make the CC cream come out, press the white button just like the photo above. It's unique, I love how it's different compared to other brand.
Moreover, I usually needs about 2-3 full pump to cover my entire face (*note: my face considered rahter big).

Formula: Light. It's really suitable to use for daily activities. Compared to BB cream, CC cream is more lighter and doesn't feel 'heavy' at all.

Coverage: medium coverage. By using this CC cream, it could cover pores and small acnes. It also makes my face glowing.
Mostly CC cream are known that their coverage is not as good as BB cream, but I found that this product's coverage is as good as BB cream.

Color: I choose #2 which looks natural on me. My skin could be considered white, but I still prefer to choose no. #2 rather than #1. #1 color could whiten my face, but I found that my face would turn 'strange'. hahahah.

In conclusion,
> Comes with mirror and sponge
> Unique packaging
> Light
> Create glowing face

> Rather pricey if compared to other Koreans' CC Cream. The price would 2x from Etude House's CC cream.
> not suitable for darker skin. The color only came in 2 option.

I have been using this CC cream for almost 1 year, I'll absolutely buy this CC cream again after I finished my 'old' CC cream.

Do you have another favorite CC cream/BB cream. Share it with me! :D

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