Monday, January 20, 2014

[Review] Kate eyeshadow

Actually, these eyeshadows are belong to my sister xD However, she let me to use some of her makeup. These products have become one of my favorite eyeshadow. 
Compared with another eyeshadow that I've tried, Kate has become my 2nd favorite after Coastal Scents.

The packaging is so <3 <3
You can easily see from the outer side for the color you want to pick! (no need to open the case 1 by 1, so it saves time)
Black is the simple yet elegant color to choose! nice packaging I would say :))

(actually the eyeshadow sponge are provided. However I lost them ;;w;;)

See those colors? It's so pretty right?
The colors in the eyeshadow is very wearable. Based on my experience, the left side really suits casual/smoky looks and right side for sweet/glamour looks. All colors are shimmery.

What I love more about this eyeshadow that the texture is nice. They won't fall out easily and doesn't get messy easily.

Color swatch PU-1 (pink-violet set)  >> left to right, from the light to dark.
-swap 1 time only-

after using wet tissue to clean my hand (swap 1 time).

Color swatch GN-1 (brown-grey set) >> left to right, from the light to dark
-swap 1 time only-

after using wet tissue to clean my hand (swap 1 time).

As for the pigmentation, I would say that the color of light shade doesn't shows, especially beige-white from GN-1. In contrast, the medium-dark colors are great. They're pigmented and could last long on my eyelids (about 6-8 hours).
However, I think this eyeshadow wouldn't suit ppl who have oily face. Because when I use wet tissue to clean my hand, after about swapping 5 times, the colors disappear. Moreover, 1 time swap is enough to clean the eyeshadow using makeup remover.

Lastly, I still would say that PU-1 is my favorite~ :D

+ nice Packaging
+ pigmented & pretty colors
+ Sponge is provided
+ Travel friendly
+ affordable

- light color doesn't show
- easy to disappear (with water, especially oil type remover)

Rating: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading! Hope you have great day :)

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