Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Ghostcos] 70 cm peach curly wig

If you often buy a wig at taobao store, you’ll found that the name of the wig will be in Chinese, so I oftenly make a name in English based on the color&length or a character which suits the wig. And to be honest, I’m not really good on reading Chinese, that’s why I can hardly remember the name of a wig that I bought :P LOL.

Since some year ago, Ghostcos have been released many 80 cm curly wigs with different colors, but I chose peach color among those choices (from what I remember, the length of this wig is 70 cm). If you have read my previous review about ghostcos, you will found that I will never buy a wig from that store anymore. But, actually this wig was bought together with my 80 cm pink wig.
Recently, when I searched for this item at ghostcos, I don't find it anymore. But there's another similar wig, which is (in my opinion) the color was same, but the price was more cheaper and the length is 80cm. Here's the LINK

So, about my review of this wig..

> Color: I really love the color, because it has a nice pastel color. When I wore this wig, it doesn’t looks strange (doesn’t make people will look at me with horrible eyes).

(indoor lightning. The real color was similar as this photo)

> Smoothness : Like my other ghostcos wig, it’s smooth.

> Hair Volume : It’s not thick, in other words this wig is thin. When I wore this wig, my friend always said to me that on the back side of my head, the net (color=white) were shown, eventhough she stand far away from me and I always try to fix it. But sadly, later the net can be seen  again)

> Styling: the curly is rather wavy which I totally love this style. But it’s rather hard to maintain the curly since take care of a curly wig is harder than a straight wig.

(Outdoor Lightning) 

> Fibre : It stated in the website, they use kanekalon fiber which can be ironed up to 180 Celcius. To me, the fibre looks better than my straight wig, but it's still a little bit shiny (because it's still a wig). A great news from this wig is: it’s not easily tangled, unlike the other wig which I oftenly got complain from my friend (including me).

-) Nice color
-) Smooth
-) Nice curly
-) heat resistant
-) Not easily tangled

-) Thin
-) The treatment is rather hard
-) Pricey ( the price was around ¥95, but considering the quality it’s better to buy lucaille wig with the same price)

Rating: 5/10 (Still not great, but it’s better than the 80cm pink wig)

Btw, I’ve notice there’s only a few comments on my post. It doesn’t mean that I need all of my post to be commented, but if you want to ask a question related to the products (review) or a post that relates to Lolita, please don’t be afraid to ask that to me, because I won’t bite you if you ask a question/give opinion/comment something xD
So, that’s all for today. See ya :D


  1. I love wig shopping on Taobao! It's so fun!
    I saw this wig and I wanted it, but instead I got the straight pink wig.
    I love this color on you. It looks so bright and cheery and really suits your face :D
    How do you buy from Taobao when you're not in China?

    1. Yeah, I'm agree with you. It's totally fun :D
      Me too, I prefer this wig compared to the straight pink wig. Anyway thanks for the compliment :)
      I use taobao agent to help me ordered it from taobao. But, sometimes I also bought items from taobao by ordering from online shops. In my country, there're many online shop that sells various items from taobao.

    2. Ooh that's really interesting. Thanks!
      I've always wanted to try buying through an agent, but I'm too lazy xD

    3. Sorry for the late reply,
      you're welcome :) Actually some taobao shops also ship internatinally, and of course it's more easier than order it from an agent.
      I'm lazy too sometimes xP Because, buying items trough agent was rather complicated.

  2. Much love,
    "You have a cool blog!