Friday, February 22, 2013

Designing my Dream Closet

Hi everyone :)
If you have read my previous post maybe you already know that I joined Lolita Blog Carnival. And this weeks' topic is about designing my dream closet.
*Attention: this post contain many pictures, so it will takes more time for loading.

Since last year, I decided to have more cute clothes like lolita or gyaru stuffs in to my wardrobe. Of course, it will cost more money and I need to

Actually I already love the design of my own wardrobe, but it needs some upgrade. So, here's the plan of my dream wardrobe (after upgrading it!) :D

Later in my explanation, I will use numbers. It will be used for telling what to put in that part of the wardrobe.
So, here's my dream wardrobe with numbers.

So, what will I put in my wardrobe?
> Dresses (#1 lolita dresses & #2 gyaru dresses)
Actually, I have a dream to put my dresses collection which is made by me (mostly will be lolita) in some part of my wardrobe. Also, the others (like gyaru dress) will be separated with my lolita dresses and  will be put at the other side of the wardrobe. While there will be an intersection for both dresses (I thought of making a decoration from ribbons and laces)
Below you'll see some pictures, so you will know what kind of dresses that I love. (Sources are from taobao and google)

> Shoes (#3)
The shoes will be in lower part of the wardrobe. As in the picture, I will put it in #4.
Below are some pictures of the shoes that I love :D (Sources are from magazine and liz lisa)

> Tops, skirts, pants, and sweaters (#4 tops, #5 skirts&pants, #6 sweaters)
For these items, I'll only fold it. I don't usually hang my tops and skirts since I was little, so I think folding these items and put it neatly could also looks nice.
 Below are some picture of my skirt&tops collection that I owned/love. (Source is from taobao)

(That's me :3 I combine a top and a floral skirt )

> Bags (#7)
For this item, of course it will take much space in the wardrobe. But by divide the styles of the bag and put it separately in some part of the wardrobe, the bags will be more neat and organized. Also, it will help us when we're in hurry to choose which bag will we use.
Below are some pitcure of the bags that I love. (Sources are from google and liz lisa)

> Accessories (#8)
It won't be complete if I don't have a space for accessories. It's one of the important thing for gyaru/lolita style. So, I would love to have some accessories in my wardrobe like these pictures. (Sources are from taobao and btsbb)

*Organization tips:
Maybe you'll find it hard to buy or make your dream wardrobe. But don't worry. You can still use your own wardrobe which you have now and with some creativity, you can change it to your dream closet.
Some things that you have to do are:
1. make a list of things that you want to put in your wardrobe/closet (example: dresses, tops, skirts, bags, etc)
2. Decide which part you will put the dress, skirts, and others. Make sure that it will be neat and easy for you to pick the outfit when you want to use it in the other day.
3. Organize the items which you had plan. If you don't like how it looks, you can re-organize it again.
4. Decorate some part of your wardrobe which suits your taste.

So, that's all I can share with all of you. I hope this post can inspire you to make your own dream closet xD
Have a great day everyone! ~

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