Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cominica Beauty Giveaway

Hi everyone :)

Did you know?

One of the famous indonesian beauty blogger, Cominica, made a giveaway for all her readers and it's open internationally XDD

Since I love her blog so much, so I kept my eye to see her new blog post and I found this giveaway~
You can find it HERE .

*A little spoiler from me,
After I finished my national exam I plan to make a giveaway too. Right now, I'm still considering the prize and of course it will be pretty and interesting :P So, stay tuned on my blog.
See ya :DD

Monday, March 18, 2013

Japanese Hairstyle Trend

Recently, I've been looking through some taobao websites, especially for lolita and wigs. But, it's only for looking the new trends and also inspirations for my drawing.
After looking some shops, my temptation to buy some wig was began, eventhough I've commit not to buy anything for these 2 month ;;w;;
and these were some pictures of the wig I'm falling in love <3

Currently, so many wig shops selling this kind of wig. After looking at some shops and doing some research, I found that this hairstyle are popular in Japan. Some people may say that this kind of hairstyle are called AMO.
Some people dye their hair to have this hairstyle, but I still prefer buying wigs because I'm afraid that my hair will be dry after bleaching.

I'll share some information for you guys <3 here is some taobao shops that sells AMO wig ~

And also, if you like to shop on Japan store, you can also check Aqua Doll . They have some nice gradient/AMO wigs too :)
A little preview~

Do you love this kind of hair ? Tell me your opinion~ 
Have a good day everyone :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

3 beverages & lolita outfits to match

It's been so long since I post something related to lolita. But, finally Lolita Blog Carnival made a new topic that attract my interest <3
So, I'll list the 3 items to coordinate :D

First, can you guess what is it? xD


Yes, it's strawberry milkshake <3

I chose this beverage because of the sweet taste <3 Also, usually this drink will be served in an interesting way which usually attract my interest xD (but I'm rarely drink it, because too many cals in this drink TT_TT)

and here's my coordinate pick ~
Dress - Rose Melody
Necklace & bag - Baby the Star Shines Bright
Socks & shoes - Antaina

Second, chammomile tea

In my opinion, lolita never separated with tea. It's like a basic drink that almost every lolita would drink, especially in tea party. But, I chose chammomile because personally, I love cammomile tea. The scent, taste is different than any other tea. It will be hard to explain more about it, because it will be a long post if I explain more about it xP

Basicly, for the 2nd coordinate, the theme would be classic lolita.The coordinate that I want to create which match with this tea can be seen below.

Dress, Hair acc, socks - Mary Magdalene
bag - Innocent World
Shoes - Antaina

The third which is the last,,, hot chocolate

Who doesn't love hot chocolate? xD this beverage was also one of my favorite drink <3 and by looking at the "chocolate" color, it kinda reminds me about gothic lolita. That's why I think it's suitable with gothic lolita look which I've chose below :3
Dress - HMHM
bag - Baby the star Shines bright
Headdress & gloves - Rose Melody
Shoes - Antaina

Actually, doing digital lolita coordinate was my first experience and I thought it's kinda hard >x< But, I'm glad that it turns out good xD 
How do you think of this coordinate with the beverage? 
Hope you like it too :)

Also, check out the other LBC participant for this week :D

Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Etude House] Bling Bling Eye stick #3

I got this item as a Christmas gift (on 2011) from my cousin <3 Actually, I didn’t knew why my cousin chose this for me, because at that time I was rarely use make up. I only use it when I’m cosplaying xP (I’m too lazy *slapped*). But, at last I decided for trying this eye stick since it's a waste if I didn't use it at all.

Also, after doing some research finally I found all swatches for this product.

When etude house released this product, there're only 6 color (as shown on the picture above). But now they've released another color and here's the advertisement :)

Finally, here's my thought about this item:
> Packaging : quite good and easy to bring. The size is rather small, but it’s easy to handle. But, for this item I can’t find the cute side, unlike the other items released from etude house.

> Pigmentation : good :D after apply it on my eyelid, the color shows nicely and it gives a shimmery effect. But, I need to put at least 2 times to make the color appear.

(in this picture, I apply 3 times)

> Application: Easy to use (only need to twist the bottom part, then use it). It means no brush needed for using this kind of eyeshadow.

> Texture: The texture is creamy, but not sticky.

So, as a conclusion for this product..
-) Perfect size to put into my travel makeup bag
-) Easy to use
-) Nice color
-) Friendly price

-) need to swap (at least 2 times) to show the color nicely
-) Not really cute, unlike other products from etude house

Rating: 9/10

I would recommend this product to you if you often in rush to do makeup or you need to bring an eyeshadow everywhere.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! :D