Friday, December 28, 2012

Polling Anouncement + preview to next post

Since the polling that I made regarding to the topic that all of you prefer had closed. So, now I'll anounce that  you'll see more of my wig reviews :) But still, you'll see I posted other things such as makeup review, my travel story, my fashion collections, and also tutorials (hopefully).

Other than that, I'll also tell you that maybe I won't be as active like I've been doing these days. Why? Because I'll have lots of tests for my 12 grade :S 

But, at least I'll still keep post something 1 post/week and if I really don't do that, please forgive me TTwTT
And of course, it won't last long. On April I'll have my last test (the National exam) and after that time, I'll be more active. Yeayyy!! xD

For now, I'm still thinking my wish and goals for next year. I do really hope it will come true xD and if you guys want to know, I'll reveal 1 and that's: "I want to make an online shop based on something that I design+make." and I still believe, my passion for fashion won't be stopped as I enter a different major for my college. That's why I want to fulfill this goal.

Okay, I'm done with telling all of my polling announcement + a little story from me xP hehe.
Wish you all have a good day. See you on my next post! :D

Monday, December 24, 2012

[Coserstyle] Shinku wig

Hi everyone, how was your holiday? :D
First of all, I want to say merry christmas!
If you notice, actually shinku's costume have red and green color so it reminds me about christmas too. That's why I'm thinking about reviewing this wig today :)

Just to let you know, this wig was from coserstyle (taobao store) and the wig has 3 parts. They're 1 base and 2 twintails. Also, length of the twintails is 120 cm.

>Fibre : it's kanekalon fiber and you can iron it up to 180 Celcius degree. I ever tried to curling the wig once and it was still okay.

> Smoothness : Yes it's so smooth and easy to comb. But too bad when I used to an outdoor event, it's rather easy to be tangled (because the twintails are sooo long)

> Cap: it's up to large size, which is if a person has big head or thick hair. It will fit perfectly to your head :)

>Thickness: normal, not too thick or too thin.

> Color: the actual color is golden blonde. But, the color from the website photo is different from the real one. What i notice is the lightning they used for taking or editing the photo is too much.

And this is a photo of me when I used the wig xP

-) can be heated up to 180 Celcius
-) smooth
-) easy to comb
-) the cap is fit for a person with big head/thick hair
-) Little fallout
-) not too heavy

-) rather easy to tangled
-) pricey
-) the real color is different with the website's photo

Rating: 8/10

Will I buy another wig from this store?
Maybe. But I prefer to buy from another store.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taiwan (Taipei) Trip

Hello again to all of you :D
It's a little bit late for me to tell my trip to taipei, because I went there on mid November..
Actually it's the 3rd time I've spent my holiday there and of course, it's lots of fun to have a holiday there xD

First of all, Taiwan is actually has many things to enjoy. I love the foods, places, and the important one --> SHOPPING xD xD It's really cheap to buy things and of course you can find many cute things too :P
Compared to china, the people were more friendly (in my opinion) and oftenly I don't need to bargain the price because they already have fixed price.

If you like japanese fashion, you can find many things with japanese style at Taiwan. At the sogo, they have many japan brands that you can find. Other than that, if you want to find cheaper things you can go to some places like Taipei City mall and shops around zhong xiao Sogo store.

(Street Snaps around Zhong Xiao Sogo)

(Big size of Crocs shoes xP)

For the 3 trips I spent on my holiday, I always stayed at i taipei service apartment. It connected to Q square and taipei city mall. Also, it's really easy to find public transportation such as train or taxi.

In Q square, at the women fashion department there are lots of things that caught my attention and of course it made me want to bought it. But when I see the price, again I need to think about it xP LOL.
And after go to some shops I found liz lisa store! So the temptation began there ;;w;; I also found tralala store which sells gyaru and harajuku stuffs. There're so many cute and cool things, but the price is not really friendly :X
Too bad I can't get the photo of liz lisa shop because the lightning isn't really good, so I only took some pictures on tralala shop. Here are the photos:

And some food's photos that I found:
 (Yamazaki Bread ;;w;; )

 (Lots of cheese :O )
 (Dinner with my family)

Another cute and unique things that I found, the heart and bunny plants xD

For your information, for those who loves anime, manga, or something like that (people call it otaku) . You will be very happy when visiting Taipei city mall. There, you can find figurines, comics, magazine, and toys with cheap and affordable price (if compared in Indonesia). From what I know, there's also a maid cafe and butler cafe, but I can't go to that place because I went together with my family :3
In winter, I found many cute and pretty things in Taipei city mall compared to summer season. Too bad, because I only 4 days in November trip, so I can't really buy many things.
But, here are the photos of my haul :

 (Same model, but I bought 3 different colors for these shoes)

(Kate Spade bag <3 Totally in love with this bag xD)

As a conclusion, I recommend you to go to Taiwan, especially Taipei <3 And to be honest, in my travel wish I put Taiwan as the 2nd number after Japan. Because I never once go to Japan T^T 

See you on my next post~ :D

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My fashion's work+coordinate

Actually, I should had posted my work to this blog some months ago, since I've already finish it on August. This piece were inspired by a fairy, so on my photos below you'll see I'm wearing wings too :P
Eventhough it's already late, but I want to share my first work and coordinate to all of you. I hope you'll like it.

Skirt and bow were made by me and i coordinate it with a matching blouse.

Also, I made the head accessories to support this look.

and after finished it, I use it when I went to AFAID 2012. I'm super excited at that time. I wish to have another chances to go there for next year.
I have thought it will be super crowded and it's really happen. So, I'm so lucky to wear this outfit because it feels so comfy :)
In the evening, I took some photos with my friends. But some photos are noisy because the lighting weren't support us anymore :(
Here are some photos of me and my friends :)

Maybe next year I will open commision for making a dress/jsk/skirt/bows/blouse, etc xD But, before that I will study hard to finish my study in grade 12 and also keep improving my skills on sewing+design.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :D

Thursday, December 13, 2012

[Etude House] proof 10 eye primer

These days, I oftenly confuse what to post on my blog. Whether it is about makeup or wig review :S Maybe next time I will make a polling to see your opinion :D

Back to the title's topic...
Here's the picture of proof 10 eye primer

What is eye primer? Basically, it is use before applying eyeshadow. By putting a little amount of eye primer around the eyes, after you put eyeshadow in that area it will make the colors of your eyeshadow more appear and last longer.

 Here are the picture's comparison of using eye primer and without using eye primer.

(top- without using eyeprimer)
(bottom- using eyeprimer)

See the differences right?

-) affordable (usually online shop sells it around 70.000 IDR)
-) easy to blend
-) the texture is soft 
-) helps to make my eyeshadow last longer

-) Hard to get (since it's one of etude house's bestseller, the products oftenly sold out)

If you compared this eye primer with other branded eye primer (example= bobbi brown, Nars, etc), of course the branded one will be more good and shows many differences.

But if you considered the price, this product is SUPER great! It's very suitable for people who likes cheap makeup with good quality and also a beginner.

Rating: 8/10 

Friday, December 7, 2012

[CC kids] Lolita twintail brown wig

Hi guys, today I'll write a review a wig from cc kids taobao.
Many of my wigs are bought from taobao, because they have great wigs with an affordable prices :)
In this review, I won't post the picture details (front, back, and side). But you can see the details on this Link

So, this is the spoiler of my wig xD

(with the twintails)

(without the twintails)

To the review~
Fibre = For this wig, it used kanekalon fiber and of course you can iron 170-200 Celcius. The wig looks natural (don't give flashy looks) in indoor and outdoor. If you used it properly, you won't notice that actually it's a wig :P

Smoothness = It's not too soft, but it's more like a human hair which sometimes can be tangled. To be honest, for curly wig it's a little bit difficult to take care of it compared to a straight wig. So you should comb it carefully so the tangled won't be more bad.

Cap = The cap is up to large size. It means any people that have small head or bigger head can use this wig. Personally, i think the cap is really comfortable so i don't feel heavy (when used the twintail) or dizzy when I'm wearing this wig.

Thickness = I can say this wig is Thick, but not too excessive~

*Additional note =
This wig isn't too heavy. When i used it, i don't feel like there's any load put on my head. But, you should remember using a twintail like this will be more heavy compared to use 100cm wig.

Last photo~ :)
Credits to Genny :)

-) natural (not flashy)
-) similar to human hair
-) Thick
-) cap is up to large head size
-) Not too heavy
-) can be ironed up to 170-200 Celcius

-) Pricey (compared to another taobao store T^T )

Rating: 10/10

Actually, I don't really know what are another cons for this wig, because I'm really falling in LOVE with this wig. LOL xD xP
But, I should say this is the best wig I've had as i have for now.

Will I buy another wig from this store?
Absolutely! ~

[Ghostcos] 80 cm pink wig

Today, I made a mistake by accidentaly delete a review of my ghostcos pink wig =-= So I'll repost it again~ 
(Lucky me the page when I want to edit it, was still on the history so I can copy paste it)

And today I'll write a review of ghostcos 80cm pink wig :)

Actually it was long time ago since I bought this wig, but still I want to share some of my opinion about this wig. Of course, I hope it will be helpful :DD

So, here's my review~
Fibre = Almost all taobao's wig store used kanekalon fibre as their materials. So, you can use iron up to 180-200 Celcius. But, I don't really like the fibre because of the flashy looks. Even when you wear it in a normal lighting, sometimes the wig will shines a bit and it doesn't made the wigs looks natural. Other than that, when I combed the hair, there are so many fall out ;;w;; (At first, I don't feel the wig are easily fall, but when I owned other wigs, I've just realized this wig is really easy to fall out)

Smoothness = It's one of the good side of this wig: smooth~ At first when I touch it, the smoothness of this wig is similar compared to my real hair and of course, a good wig should be smooth so it will be easier to take care of the wig.

Cap = The wig cap has a large size. Inside the wig, you can set the size of the wig (by using the 2 hooks) so it could be fit to your head.

Thickness = I could say the wig is pretty thick, but considering the fallout I don't think this thickness would last that long if you often wear it. 

The photo in Ghostcos website is similar to what will you have. Because they still used normal lighting for taking the pictures.

If you want to look this wig or others on their website, click here

You can see some of my photos below using the wig. (I don't use any makeup in these photos since it was only a costest and some camwhoring~ xD




So, here's my conclusion for this wig :)
-) Soft
-) Heat resistant, up to 180-200 degrees
-) Thick
-) The cap is big
-) Pictures on the website is really similar with the real thing
-) Cheap [ only 78.90 yuan, what makes it more expensive is because of the shipping fees :S ]

-) Too many fallout TTwTT
-) Sometimes it looks flashy/shiny

Overall Rating = 5/10

Will I buy another wigs from this brand?

No, I'll try to find better wigs from other brands.