Friday, December 7, 2012

[CC kids] Lolita twintail brown wig

Hi guys, today I'll write a review a wig from cc kids taobao.
Many of my wigs are bought from taobao, because they have great wigs with an affordable prices :)
In this review, I won't post the picture details (front, back, and side). But you can see the details on this Link

So, this is the spoiler of my wig xD

(with the twintails)

(without the twintails)

To the review~
Fibre = For this wig, it used kanekalon fiber and of course you can iron 170-200 Celcius. The wig looks natural (don't give flashy looks) in indoor and outdoor. If you used it properly, you won't notice that actually it's a wig :P

Smoothness = It's not too soft, but it's more like a human hair which sometimes can be tangled. To be honest, for curly wig it's a little bit difficult to take care of it compared to a straight wig. So you should comb it carefully so the tangled won't be more bad.

Cap = The cap is up to large size. It means any people that have small head or bigger head can use this wig. Personally, i think the cap is really comfortable so i don't feel heavy (when used the twintail) or dizzy when I'm wearing this wig.

Thickness = I can say this wig is Thick, but not too excessive~

*Additional note =
This wig isn't too heavy. When i used it, i don't feel like there's any load put on my head. But, you should remember using a twintail like this will be more heavy compared to use 100cm wig.

Last photo~ :)
Credits to Genny :)

-) natural (not flashy)
-) similar to human hair
-) Thick
-) cap is up to large head size
-) Not too heavy
-) can be ironed up to 170-200 Celcius

-) Pricey (compared to another taobao store T^T )

Rating: 10/10

Actually, I don't really know what are another cons for this wig, because I'm really falling in LOVE with this wig. LOL xD xP
But, I should say this is the best wig I've had as i have for now.

Will I buy another wig from this store?
Absolutely! ~

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