Friday, September 21, 2012

[Dolldelight] IndieGOGO Giveaway

Dolldelight is someone that I admired, because she's so inspiring me a lot to become more creative and keeps love&learn about fashion.
Now she's doing a giveaway and here's the link:

Get your chance to win this giveaway too~ 
Good luck :)

[Diva Soul] brown circle lens

Hi everyone,
I've just bought 1 pair of circle lens 1 month ago and I chose brown color, because I think brown always suits in any occasion :P When I'm talking about this lens, I could say this lens is "low price, but high quality" xD

Here's the information of the circle lens that I bought..

Manufacturer: Diva

Production (country): Korea
Diameter: 14.80 mm
Water content: 50 %
life span : 12 months

To the review~
Enlargement = BIG!! :D Even though the diameter is only 14.80 mm, when you wears it, it looks like you're wearing 16++ mm lens.

Comfort = I felt so comfortable when wearing this pair of lens. After getting this lens, the next day I tried to use this pair to a cosplay event and I wore it for 13 hours (from 8 am until 9 pm) without using any eyedrops.
When I realized it, I felt really satisfied for buying this lens because it's really comfortable >w< 
But, at the first time you're wearing this lens, you'll feel it's uncomfortable. The solution that I've done to solve this problem is slowly move the lens to the right & left and rotate the lens (360 degrees), after that I put a single eyedrops, blink my eyes 3-5 times, and finalyyy! it feels comfortable until night :)

Color = The color is natural and sometimes others won't notice when you're wearing this lens, but I like to used this lens for cosplaying as lolita characters or family outing or party :) It's really multifunction~

Below, I'll give you the 2 photos of mine wearing the lens, when I went to a friend's party and also cosplay event :D :D
(Going to a friend's party)

(Cosplay time~)

Another photos~ to give you more information :)

This photo (below) is the comparison when I'm wearing the lens (left) and not wearing the lens (right). See the big differences right? xD My eye looks sooo bigger :D

Here's the summary~
-) Cheap price (around IDR 100.000) xD
-) VERY comfortable
-) BIG enlargement
-) Natural color

-) a little hard to put it into your eyes (maybe because I have a small eyes .__. )
-) the life span is not really 12 months, it's based on how you take care the lens.

So, will I buy again this lens next time?
Absolutely :D

Saturday, September 8, 2012

(Ryuuta wig) Natural Brown wig

First Review~ Yeayy xD

Today, I'm gonna tell a review about my brown wig (lenght: 70 cm) and it's purchased from "Ryuuta wig". It's a local store from Indonesia, but she only sell the wigs online. The owner is sooooo kind and the service is really good. If you get interested by this wig, the code is VW039A but sometimes the wig will sold out, so you need to ask whether she will restock it or not.

If you wanted to buy it, here's the link :)

Now, back to the review..

Fibre = I'm not really sure about the fibre. But, from the descriptions of the wig, it's heat-resistant. So you could use an iron for this wig. But I had never tried it, because I'm to scared if there's something bad happen with the wig :O

Smoothness = It's super soft and likes a human hair xD

Thickness = Personally, I think this wig is thin compared to my other wigs. But, it's easy to manage and not easily fallout.

Colour = I love the colour, and the colour is between light and dark brown. It's not looks fake, so if you see it, you won't noticed that actually it's a wig.

Here's the photos with me using the wig :P

In short, here's the pros and cons :)

-) Cheap (only IDR 135.000) xD
-) not flashy or looks fake
-) Super soft <3
-) the color looks natural
-) Heat resistant
-) not easily fallout

-) Thin
-) The cap is not really big

Rating = 6.5/10

Will I buy another wigs from this store ? 

Yes, if there's a wig that I liked :)