Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gyaru Eye Enlarging Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone,
At last, I got time to made my first tutorial xD
and to be honest, it was hard ;;w;;

But, I'm so happy that the results is good enough.
Hopefully this tutorial will help you in doing some makeup experiments.
So, enjoy and feel free to comment :D

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lip Care - Vaseline Petrolium Jelly

Hi Ladies,

Some people might have problems with dry lips, including me.
After doing research on good lip products, finally I found a REALLY GOOD ITEM!

So, let me introduce ....



Vaseline White Petrolium Jelly

From the appearance, it looks like an ordinary lip balm. However, it really moisture my SUPER dry lips. Compared some lip balm products that I've tried, Vaseline Petrolium Jelly is the BEST.

Usually, I only apply at night, because somehow I felt that my lips was really 'oily'. Of course, by applying this product on busy time, it will distract me when I want to drink water or eat something.
So, I recommend to use this lip balm at night, before you sleep. Unless you have a super dry lips, it will be good if you always wear this lip balm whether in the morning or night.

The only CONS of this product is the packaging. It will be more easier if they make this petrolium jelly like other lip balm (with twist design on the bottom).

If you get interested with this product, try to search it at the local market. I bought this in 7 eleven (Melbourne) when I was on vacation. But, I'm sure this product can be easily found in Indonesia too :)

Let's take a good care of our lips <3 You can consider to put this product in your daily lip care routine.

Thanks for reading. See ya :D 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

[Etude House] Chocolate Smudge Liner

Do you know that Etude House had released their Sweet Recipe collection on February?
Yes, this item is one of the products that they released.

I really love to see all the products because it's really cute and really attracting. I'm rarely see makeup having a food shape, so it's kinda special to me.
But, due to limited budget and I have quite much make up collection, so I need to calm and not buying too much things :P lol.

I ended up bought an eyeliner which called: Chocolate Smudge Eyeliner in #1 (Dark Chocolate).
Actually, they have another color, but I prefer using a dark color. That's why finally I chose it :D

Let's take a look on the packaging~

Super cute right? xD

So, I'll just straightly say about the PROS and CONS.

I can't resist to say that this eyeliner is SUPEEERRRR CUTE! The packaging also doesn't make it harder to use. So, 2 thumbs up for the design and packaging :D :D
The texture is creamy and it's easy to apply on my eyelids. Other than that, this product is really CHEAP (only around $7). To be honest, I never found an eyeliner which has the same price as this product with a good quality.

- - CONS
Too bad, this liner is not water resistant and it's so easy to fade.
I ever once wear this liner, but at that time the weather is not friendly so at last I'm sweating T^T
The result is, my liner started to fade and I need to reapply the liner.

Now, I'm going to use the liner and clean it by using my etude house remover.

Also, I will show you when I wore this item.

This time, I only apply a very thin line on my eyes. Can you notice it?

Finally, I should say that actually I recommend this smudge liner. To get the best result, use a waterproof eyeliner after applying the smudge liner.


Thanks for reading, see you on my next post! :D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Melbourne Part 2 - Foods & Haul

Hello everyone!
So, this is the part 2 story of my holiday trip to melbourne.

To be honest, I have to admit that the unforgetable moment of Melbourne were the foods~ LOL xD
There are so many healthy and delicious foods, which made me so happy about it. There were some restaurant that I visit and here's the list:

<3 Yo-Chi, a famous yogurt store in melbourne. I can't resist to say, it's one of the best yogurt I've had.

 <3 Villa Romana, an italian restaurant in the city. So many people gather and ate foods in that place. *Warning: For me, the portion is big xD which I think it's better to share 1 main food for 2 people ~

<3 Yering Restaurant (I forget the real name, but there's only 1 restaurant at Yering winery). The presentation of the food is really pretty, they used a real flower and some leafs to decorate it. And the food is super delicious too~ xD

<3 Subway, a healthy sandwich which I really love. I ate 3 times at subway for my lunch because I really love bread with salad and the price is super reasonable.

<3 Nando's. Popular by it's grilled chicken. I think the great point in the chicken is the seasoning that they used and how they marinated the chicken.

<3 Sofia. The fun thing to eat in this restaurant is because of the SUPER BIG portion! I never find such a super big portion in my life. LOL. The taste of food was okay, while the price is reasonable if considered the quantity of the food ~ xD

Actually I don't shop much in melbourne, because I have a very limited time. But, here's some things that I bought there~

It's cute isn't it? <3 (Brand: Dotti)

A cute T-shirt~ (Brand: Ginger tea)

Last, I bought some healthy snacks from various groceries. The cereals were from coles and the nuts & apricots from Nix nut groceries.
*If you wanted to buy lots of nuts or ingredients for making a cake, try to visit Nix nut groceries, because I found the price is +/- half of the supermarket price (ex: coles, woolsworth,etc)

Yeah, I know that I bought so many. But, the price at there are much more cheaper than buying it in Indonesia, also they have more variation for the healthy foods. So why not buy more? LOL.
Maybe I can open a healthy store right now at my home :P *just kidding* xDD

Actually, I really hope subway will be open in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. I don't know why, but I never get bored to eat subway when I visit another country which has Subway store :P

Alright, thanks for reading guys. Have a great day <3

Monday, April 15, 2013

Melbourne Part 1 - Trip to Bendigo

It was really interesting to spent my easter holiday on Melbourne. I have some relatives and friends at there, so I always have many activities and never feel bored xD

The most beautiful place that I visited was Bendigo, I found many pretty flowers and trees. The park was great too, and of course it's because the government took a good care of it. Also, there's a lake with lots of ducks. At that time I saw some people lays on the grass while looking at the beautiful sky or doing some exercise.

Before arrived at Bendigo, I stopped at a park (sorry I didn't remember the name) to have a picnic with my relatives and ate a sandwich <3 <3
So, here's some good view on the park~

At last! After so many hours we spent to reach Bendigo, finally we arrived! YEAYY xD
and it's worth it, I saw so many nice views which shows beauty of the nature. 

Look at the sky, it's beautiful isn't it? (*Notice: I didn't photoshopped anything on the picture above)

I found an interesting tree at the car park, maybe one day I should paint this kind of tree, it will be awesome! xD 

Actually, there's a Chinese Museum in here, but we (me & my family) didn't really like to see the antique items, so we decided to search another interesting place <3

Well, at last we went to Grill'd. It's a place where you can eat burger without feeling guilty (because it's more healthier than an ordinary burger)

Let's continue the journey! :D When we decided to went home, there's a lake with so many ducks which is caught our interest xD At last, we stopped here and spent an hours to saw the nice view. But after 10 minutes, I decided to take a walk and doing some exercises with my brother.

When the sky starting to get dark, we decided to go home.

And it took a long time until we reach our service apartment. But, I didn't really care because I slept all the time in the car. LOL.

Done with the story of my Bendigo Trip! xD
Next, I will continue to tell you the other things that I do and what I buy there. 
You'll see some cute things and some "Must visit Places!" :)

Thanks for reading my post, good bye and wish me luck for my National Exam this week x3