Friday, April 26, 2013

Lip Care - Vaseline Petrolium Jelly

Hi Ladies,

Some people might have problems with dry lips, including me.
After doing research on good lip products, finally I found a REALLY GOOD ITEM!

So, let me introduce ....



Vaseline White Petrolium Jelly

From the appearance, it looks like an ordinary lip balm. However, it really moisture my SUPER dry lips. Compared some lip balm products that I've tried, Vaseline Petrolium Jelly is the BEST.

Usually, I only apply at night, because somehow I felt that my lips was really 'oily'. Of course, by applying this product on busy time, it will distract me when I want to drink water or eat something.
So, I recommend to use this lip balm at night, before you sleep. Unless you have a super dry lips, it will be good if you always wear this lip balm whether in the morning or night.

The only CONS of this product is the packaging. It will be more easier if they make this petrolium jelly like other lip balm (with twist design on the bottom).

If you get interested with this product, try to search it at the local market. I bought this in 7 eleven (Melbourne) when I was on vacation. But, I'm sure this product can be easily found in Indonesia too :)

Let's take a good care of our lips <3 You can consider to put this product in your daily lip care routine.

Thanks for reading. See ya :D 

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