Monday, April 15, 2013

Melbourne Part 1 - Trip to Bendigo

It was really interesting to spent my easter holiday on Melbourne. I have some relatives and friends at there, so I always have many activities and never feel bored xD

The most beautiful place that I visited was Bendigo, I found many pretty flowers and trees. The park was great too, and of course it's because the government took a good care of it. Also, there's a lake with lots of ducks. At that time I saw some people lays on the grass while looking at the beautiful sky or doing some exercise.

Before arrived at Bendigo, I stopped at a park (sorry I didn't remember the name) to have a picnic with my relatives and ate a sandwich <3 <3
So, here's some good view on the park~

At last! After so many hours we spent to reach Bendigo, finally we arrived! YEAYY xD
and it's worth it, I saw so many nice views which shows beauty of the nature. 

Look at the sky, it's beautiful isn't it? (*Notice: I didn't photoshopped anything on the picture above)

I found an interesting tree at the car park, maybe one day I should paint this kind of tree, it will be awesome! xD 

Actually, there's a Chinese Museum in here, but we (me & my family) didn't really like to see the antique items, so we decided to search another interesting place <3

Well, at last we went to Grill'd. It's a place where you can eat burger without feeling guilty (because it's more healthier than an ordinary burger)

Let's continue the journey! :D When we decided to went home, there's a lake with so many ducks which is caught our interest xD At last, we stopped here and spent an hours to saw the nice view. But after 10 minutes, I decided to take a walk and doing some exercises with my brother.

When the sky starting to get dark, we decided to go home.

And it took a long time until we reach our service apartment. But, I didn't really care because I slept all the time in the car. LOL.

Done with the story of my Bendigo Trip! xD
Next, I will continue to tell you the other things that I do and what I buy there. 
You'll see some cute things and some "Must visit Places!" :)

Thanks for reading my post, good bye and wish me luck for my National Exam this week x3

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