Monday, April 22, 2013

Melbourne Part 2 - Foods & Haul

Hello everyone!
So, this is the part 2 story of my holiday trip to melbourne.

To be honest, I have to admit that the unforgetable moment of Melbourne were the foods~ LOL xD
There are so many healthy and delicious foods, which made me so happy about it. There were some restaurant that I visit and here's the list:

<3 Yo-Chi, a famous yogurt store in melbourne. I can't resist to say, it's one of the best yogurt I've had.

 <3 Villa Romana, an italian restaurant in the city. So many people gather and ate foods in that place. *Warning: For me, the portion is big xD which I think it's better to share 1 main food for 2 people ~

<3 Yering Restaurant (I forget the real name, but there's only 1 restaurant at Yering winery). The presentation of the food is really pretty, they used a real flower and some leafs to decorate it. And the food is super delicious too~ xD

<3 Subway, a healthy sandwich which I really love. I ate 3 times at subway for my lunch because I really love bread with salad and the price is super reasonable.

<3 Nando's. Popular by it's grilled chicken. I think the great point in the chicken is the seasoning that they used and how they marinated the chicken.

<3 Sofia. The fun thing to eat in this restaurant is because of the SUPER BIG portion! I never find such a super big portion in my life. LOL. The taste of food was okay, while the price is reasonable if considered the quantity of the food ~ xD

Actually I don't shop much in melbourne, because I have a very limited time. But, here's some things that I bought there~

It's cute isn't it? <3 (Brand: Dotti)

A cute T-shirt~ (Brand: Ginger tea)

Last, I bought some healthy snacks from various groceries. The cereals were from coles and the nuts & apricots from Nix nut groceries.
*If you wanted to buy lots of nuts or ingredients for making a cake, try to visit Nix nut groceries, because I found the price is +/- half of the supermarket price (ex: coles, woolsworth,etc)

Yeah, I know that I bought so many. But, the price at there are much more cheaper than buying it in Indonesia, also they have more variation for the healthy foods. So why not buy more? LOL.
Maybe I can open a healthy store right now at my home :P *just kidding* xDD

Actually, I really hope subway will be open in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. I don't know why, but I never get bored to eat subway when I visit another country which has Subway store :P

Alright, thanks for reading guys. Have a great day <3

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