Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Ghostcos] 70 cm peach curly wig

If you often buy a wig at taobao store, you’ll found that the name of the wig will be in Chinese, so I oftenly make a name in English based on the color&length or a character which suits the wig. And to be honest, I’m not really good on reading Chinese, that’s why I can hardly remember the name of a wig that I bought :P LOL.

Since some year ago, Ghostcos have been released many 80 cm curly wigs with different colors, but I chose peach color among those choices (from what I remember, the length of this wig is 70 cm). If you have read my previous review about ghostcos, you will found that I will never buy a wig from that store anymore. But, actually this wig was bought together with my 80 cm pink wig.
Recently, when I searched for this item at ghostcos, I don't find it anymore. But there's another similar wig, which is (in my opinion) the color was same, but the price was more cheaper and the length is 80cm. Here's the LINK

So, about my review of this wig..

> Color: I really love the color, because it has a nice pastel color. When I wore this wig, it doesn’t looks strange (doesn’t make people will look at me with horrible eyes).

(indoor lightning. The real color was similar as this photo)

> Smoothness : Like my other ghostcos wig, it’s smooth.

> Hair Volume : It’s not thick, in other words this wig is thin. When I wore this wig, my friend always said to me that on the back side of my head, the net (color=white) were shown, eventhough she stand far away from me and I always try to fix it. But sadly, later the net can be seen  again)

> Styling: the curly is rather wavy which I totally love this style. But it’s rather hard to maintain the curly since take care of a curly wig is harder than a straight wig.

(Outdoor Lightning) 

> Fibre : It stated in the website, they use kanekalon fiber which can be ironed up to 180 Celcius. To me, the fibre looks better than my straight wig, but it's still a little bit shiny (because it's still a wig). A great news from this wig is: it’s not easily tangled, unlike the other wig which I oftenly got complain from my friend (including me).

-) Nice color
-) Smooth
-) Nice curly
-) heat resistant
-) Not easily tangled

-) Thin
-) The treatment is rather hard
-) Pricey ( the price was around ¥95, but considering the quality it’s better to buy lucaille wig with the same price)

Rating: 5/10 (Still not great, but it’s better than the 80cm pink wig)

Btw, I’ve notice there’s only a few comments on my post. It doesn’t mean that I need all of my post to be commented, but if you want to ask a question related to the products (review) or a post that relates to Lolita, please don’t be afraid to ask that to me, because I won’t bite you if you ask a question/give opinion/comment something xD
So, that’s all for today. See ya :D

Friday, February 22, 2013

FOTD + Experience at Cait Sith Café

Last week (on 16 February) I decide to have some refreshing after finished all my try outs *yeay*. So, I went with my friend to Pluit Village Mall and we were also lucky there’s a cosplay event. That day I was really happy because I can met some of my cosplay friend, which it’s been a long time since I saw them.

In the event, there’s a café which attract me and it was Cait Sith Meascan Cafe (actually I already know the café from facebook, but if it’s crowded I already plan not to visit the café :P)
And I was so lucky, I don’t need to queue so I could straightly went in to the café.
In the café, me and my friend were welcomed by the maids and butlers. Then, we chose a table, sat, and  ordered 2 toast for us.

For me, the service was great. But, to be honest I don’t really felt like being an ojou-sama eventhough I was called by that name. I do feel they were more like my best friend :P LOL. Maybe a thing that they missed were the table manner. Actually I know some things that relates to table manner, that’s why I can state my opinion. Their (the butler&maid) gestures when we were asked to sit, give the plates and put the spoon&fork didn't look like what it should be. I mean, from what I knew actually the butler should help us with the seat when the guest want to sit or stand) but there’s no this kind of service.  Also, usually people will use fork and knife when eating toast, but in here we got spoon and fork to eat the toast x3 Other than that, when actually me and my friend ordered toast, the butler brought omurice to me and asking whether I ordered it or not, then he searched the person which ordered that >w< The impact was the people which worked in the kitchen need to make other food which I ordered (in this part maybe there’s a misunderstanding between the maid/butler with the kitchen staffs). But, I do believe the people had done their best efforts to make the guest happy and I could feel that effort. It was fun when I chat with Miki, Miyu, Tsuna, and Kei. They are really kind and funny too :P 

The best thing that I love in this café was when Kei had lose when we were playing a game. He accept that he already lose and gave us a free souvernir <3 xP I have to be honest, from Kei’s gestures and actions, I think he is a gentleman.
I also spent a good time while chatting with Miki and Miyu. They have some similarity likes with me, that’s why I enjoy chatting with 2 of them :D
In my opinion, Tsuna is a funny person. It was really fun to play a game with him (Now I already forget the name of the game that I played, but it’s like a frog that can jump if there’s a person who put a wrong key into the board).

I have some photos when I went to the cafe, but everyone weren't allowed to take photos of the maid/butler in the cafe, so I can't post many pictures here.

(Me x Miki x Itoe)

(My Toast and Jasmine tea)

(On the bottom part was the souvernir that Kei gives to me)

So far for a 1st time experience opening the café, I think cait sith café (including the staffs) had already done a great job and I do hope next time they will be better. Good luck to all of you xD
And for me, in their next event if I had a chance to go, I’ll visit the café again :D

My story is really long, isn’t it? xD So, I’ll just straightly told my fashion of the day that I wore to the event. The pictures below will show the outfit (it’s a gyaru outfit <3 I use my pink ribbon top with pink floral lace skirt. At that time I also wore my cckids brown wig without the twintails to support the gyaru look)

I also took some photos with the coser at J-fest event. So, here's some of the photos :)

It was a fun experience and I’m glad that I could finally do a  gyaru style (since I was rarely go out because of my exams TT_TT)

Thanks for reading <3 Have a great day J

Designing my Dream Closet

Hi everyone :)
If you have read my previous post maybe you already know that I joined Lolita Blog Carnival. And this weeks' topic is about designing my dream closet.
*Attention: this post contain many pictures, so it will takes more time for loading.

Since last year, I decided to have more cute clothes like lolita or gyaru stuffs in to my wardrobe. Of course, it will cost more money and I need to

Actually I already love the design of my own wardrobe, but it needs some upgrade. So, here's the plan of my dream wardrobe (after upgrading it!) :D

Later in my explanation, I will use numbers. It will be used for telling what to put in that part of the wardrobe.
So, here's my dream wardrobe with numbers.

So, what will I put in my wardrobe?
> Dresses (#1 lolita dresses & #2 gyaru dresses)
Actually, I have a dream to put my dresses collection which is made by me (mostly will be lolita) in some part of my wardrobe. Also, the others (like gyaru dress) will be separated with my lolita dresses and  will be put at the other side of the wardrobe. While there will be an intersection for both dresses (I thought of making a decoration from ribbons and laces)
Below you'll see some pictures, so you will know what kind of dresses that I love. (Sources are from taobao and google)

> Shoes (#3)
The shoes will be in lower part of the wardrobe. As in the picture, I will put it in #4.
Below are some pictures of the shoes that I love :D (Sources are from magazine and liz lisa)

> Tops, skirts, pants, and sweaters (#4 tops, #5 skirts&pants, #6 sweaters)
For these items, I'll only fold it. I don't usually hang my tops and skirts since I was little, so I think folding these items and put it neatly could also looks nice.
 Below are some picture of my skirt&tops collection that I owned/love. (Source is from taobao)

(That's me :3 I combine a top and a floral skirt )

> Bags (#7)
For this item, of course it will take much space in the wardrobe. But by divide the styles of the bag and put it separately in some part of the wardrobe, the bags will be more neat and organized. Also, it will help us when we're in hurry to choose which bag will we use.
Below are some pitcure of the bags that I love. (Sources are from google and liz lisa)

> Accessories (#8)
It won't be complete if I don't have a space for accessories. It's one of the important thing for gyaru/lolita style. So, I would love to have some accessories in my wardrobe like these pictures. (Sources are from taobao and btsbb)

*Organization tips:
Maybe you'll find it hard to buy or make your dream wardrobe. But don't worry. You can still use your own wardrobe which you have now and with some creativity, you can change it to your dream closet.
Some things that you have to do are:
1. make a list of things that you want to put in your wardrobe/closet (example: dresses, tops, skirts, bags, etc)
2. Decide which part you will put the dress, skirts, and others. Make sure that it will be neat and easy for you to pick the outfit when you want to use it in the other day.
3. Organize the items which you had plan. If you don't like how it looks, you can re-organize it again.
4. Decorate some part of your wardrobe which suits your taste.

So, that's all I can share with all of you. I hope this post can inspire you to make your own dream closet xD
Have a great day everyone! ~

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Essie] True Love nail polish

Actually, I really love to use nail polish and sometimes I also decorate my nail or nail falsies :P For today's review I would like to share one of my nail polish collection.
The brand's name for this item is Essie and the color is true love
Essie has many color choices of nail polish. Mostly, I found the color are very pretty and lovely <3

(the color will look the same as shown on my 2nd picture)

To make it short, I'll conclude the positive and negative sides of this nail polish.
-) the texture is rather creamy, so it's very easy to apply.
-) easy to dry
-) beautiful color
-) Long lasting, it stayed on my nails up to 5 days.
-) easy to remove

-) pricey
-) the size is rather big, so it's not suitable for travel size

Rating: 9/10

I love this nail polish <3 But i don't think I'll oftenly buy essie's product. Because I'm still a student and I don't have much money. lol xD

Have a great weekend :D

Friday, February 8, 2013

Invent My own Brand

Hi everyone :) Maybe you've noticed a new logo in my blog and are you curious what is it? 

I will tell you a short introduction to that logo. It is Lolita Blog Carnival, where all the members are lolita blogger. Also, the people who joined this group will blogged about a topic which chosen on that week, set a date, and linking to other posts on that topic made by the other members.
Actually, I'm a new member in that group <3 and I'm glad to joined the carnival because I can expand my knowledge about lolita and the people are so kind~

So this week's Lolita Blog Carnival challenge is about "Invent your own brand" and after I knew the topic, I said to myself I should totally joined it! :D
If I have a chance to invent my own brand, there are some things I'd like to do.

1. Set a name for the brand.
A name which came to my mind was "Vintage Milk". Actually, vintage milk was my old deviantart name and I don't know why I still love that name. Somehow, I feel that name was unique, sweet, and elegant. Also, I think the name suits my lolita style. Why? In my thought, vintage will present something which is related to classic lolita, because of the elegant side. While milk has sweet taste, so it can be related to sweet lolita which is cute and sweet <3 xD

2. Choose the items which I'd like to sell.
I think I'll made Dresses, skirts, outfit, and some accessory which can be used together with the dresses/skirt/outfit that I made.
Actually, I've draw some sketches of the items that I'll made when I've finished my national exam . I think when I'm ready, I'll also sell it to other people.
(These pictures below will show some sketches made by me, sorry if the quality photo doesn't good)

3. Basic things that usually appear on my works.
Details. Why it should be details? Basicly, I love to see details on an outfit, it can be accessory or complicated pattern.

4. Prints that will appeared on the outfit.
In my thought, I'll choose 3 themes which I really love <3
The first are crown, princess, and lace. If these items combine together as a print, I think it will produce an elegant classic lolita print.
(the picture below represent the 3 things I've mentioned above.)

(Source: Google and edited by me)

The second are teddy bear, tea, and ribbon. As for these items, I think if it's combined together, it will produce a cute sweet lolita print.
(to illustrate it, I think it can be similar like the print below)

(Source: google)

The third are butterflies, flowers, cage. Like the first print, it will produced an elegant classic lolita print.
(It's hard to search a similar fabric related with this idea, so I'll just show you a real picture)

(Source: google)

Actually I don't know if these ideas will came true or not. But, I do really hope someday I can make lots of lolita dresses/outfit which everyone would love and wear.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post <3

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[Cosroom] Kyoko Sakura wig

Hi everyone xD Recently, I haven't post reviews about wig. But, now I decide to post another wig review, because I notice some people around me, kept searching or asking for review about some wig brand. I hope this review will be helpful :D

Have you heard a taobao's brand called cosroom? If you haven't, I think next time if you are looking for wig and confuse where to buy it, you can consider cosroom.

And here's the review about a wig from cosroom. Actually, I don't know the exact name of the wig from the store, but I called Kyoko Sakura wig because from the details product, it says that this wig can be used for Kyoko Sakura from anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

(Source: google)

SO, to the review :D

> Fibre = Same like other taobao's store, it used kanekalon fiber and can be ironed up to 180 Celcius degree. But, the differences lies on the smoothness and strength of the wig which is not fragile to fall out.

> Smoothness = I super in love with the smooth that this wig had, because I think it's soft and the smooth is just perfect (not excessive)

> Cap = medium to large size. It can suits perfectly for any people who have short/medium/long hair and thick/thin hair. Actually, I think for the cap it's similar to cc kids's cap.

> Thickness = Super AWESOME TTwTT I never find a wig that have thick hair and not so easy to fall out. One thing that I admire from this wig is eventhough it's long (I think the clip about 80 cm), when I comb it I only found around 5 piece of the hair which is fall out. Is it really awesome ? :')

> Treatment = Super easy to take care of this wig <3 When I used it to an event, because the event is outdoor so the wig is tangled. Then when i arrived at home, I comb it for several times and it's so easy back to normal shape.

> Price = Rather pricey. The price is similar like my cc kids lolita brown wig.

If you notice, almost all of my comments shows the good side. lol xD But, actually that's an honest opinion from me. Some thing that I can notice as the CONS for this wig are only the wig's collection from cosroom is very few and it's rather pricey.

I don't have pictures that shows the wig in general, but I have some photos when I wore it. (At that time, my friend accompany me and she's the one who became homura akemi)

 (Credits to Kamego)

(Camwhoring xD )

I do hope they will produce more various wig, because the quality is just so awesome :D

Rating: 10/10

See you on my next post, and have a good day ;)

Friday, February 1, 2013

[Princess Universe] Venus Circle lens

I was more busy these days because of my school's routinities. But, I still need some time for refreshing, and of course I want to blogging too.
Recently, I don't oftenly buy new things because I want to save money for buying various fabrics and such things. So, I'll just make a review about my circle lenses named "Princess universe". For this product, I bought it in brown color (somehow it looks yellowish).

Eventhough I want to show you more photo of this circle lens, too bad I only have few photos :( Actually I can take more photos, but I already throw this pair before I make a review about it. 
In spite of that, I do really hope you'll get enough information from this review :D

(The photo was taken when the lens were still in the bottle. You can see that the color is really light, right?)

(it's 1 year ago when I'm cosplaying as homura akemi and at that time I used the lens which I mention above)

So, about my review:

Enlargement : so so. Of course it makes differences compared to my actual eye, but I don't really think that my eye is "that" big. Compared to my diva soul's circle lens (diameter: 14.8 mm), my eyes looks smaller when using this circle lens. I think maybe that's because of the outer ring is very thin so it doesn't gives big enlargement.
*For your information, if the outer ring (usually in black color) is thick, it will make a big enlargement for your eyes eventhough the diameter of the circle lens is not really big.

Comfort : It's very comfortable and maybe that's because of the high water content. When I wear this circle lens, I don't feel like wearing something in my eyes. I'm so in love with the comfort side of this circle lens <3

Color : For princess universe collection, they were famous by it's light color. Unlike the other circle lens, you'll see how bright my eye color is when I used it, but it doesn't look weird. But, I only use these pair occasionally, such as when I do cosplay or photoshoot. But when I went hang out or went to a party, I decided to use another pair with natural color.

Life span : eventhough it's stated 12 months, actually I can only used it for 7 months. In my opinion, when I used it on the 7th month, I don't think it's comfortable anymore compared to the first time when I bought it. Because I don't want to hurt my eyes, so I decided to throw it away and buy a new pair.

Also, I'll share some information about the lens itself.

Origin Country : Korea
Diameter : 15.00 mm
Water content : 52 %
Thickness: 0.20  mm
Life span : 12 month
Color Type : Light

-) Very Comfortable
-) Thin
-) Light Color
-) High water content
-) Gives enlargement to eyes, eventhough it's not really big.

-) can only used for +/- 7 months, while in the catalogue it's written 12 months
-) The price is so so
-) The pattern isn't really special

Rating : 7.5/10

Have a nice days everyone, see you <3 :)