Friday, February 8, 2013

[Cosroom] Kyoko Sakura wig

Hi everyone xD Recently, I haven't post reviews about wig. But, now I decide to post another wig review, because I notice some people around me, kept searching or asking for review about some wig brand. I hope this review will be helpful :D

Have you heard a taobao's brand called cosroom? If you haven't, I think next time if you are looking for wig and confuse where to buy it, you can consider cosroom.

And here's the review about a wig from cosroom. Actually, I don't know the exact name of the wig from the store, but I called Kyoko Sakura wig because from the details product, it says that this wig can be used for Kyoko Sakura from anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

(Source: google)

SO, to the review :D

> Fibre = Same like other taobao's store, it used kanekalon fiber and can be ironed up to 180 Celcius degree. But, the differences lies on the smoothness and strength of the wig which is not fragile to fall out.

> Smoothness = I super in love with the smooth that this wig had, because I think it's soft and the smooth is just perfect (not excessive)

> Cap = medium to large size. It can suits perfectly for any people who have short/medium/long hair and thick/thin hair. Actually, I think for the cap it's similar to cc kids's cap.

> Thickness = Super AWESOME TTwTT I never find a wig that have thick hair and not so easy to fall out. One thing that I admire from this wig is eventhough it's long (I think the clip about 80 cm), when I comb it I only found around 5 piece of the hair which is fall out. Is it really awesome ? :')

> Treatment = Super easy to take care of this wig <3 When I used it to an event, because the event is outdoor so the wig is tangled. Then when i arrived at home, I comb it for several times and it's so easy back to normal shape.

> Price = Rather pricey. The price is similar like my cc kids lolita brown wig.

If you notice, almost all of my comments shows the good side. lol xD But, actually that's an honest opinion from me. Some thing that I can notice as the CONS for this wig are only the wig's collection from cosroom is very few and it's rather pricey.

I don't have pictures that shows the wig in general, but I have some photos when I wore it. (At that time, my friend accompany me and she's the one who became homura akemi)

 (Credits to Kamego)

(Camwhoring xD )

I do hope they will produce more various wig, because the quality is just so awesome :D

Rating: 10/10

See you on my next post, and have a good day ;)

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