Friday, February 1, 2013

[Princess Universe] Venus Circle lens

I was more busy these days because of my school's routinities. But, I still need some time for refreshing, and of course I want to blogging too.
Recently, I don't oftenly buy new things because I want to save money for buying various fabrics and such things. So, I'll just make a review about my circle lenses named "Princess universe". For this product, I bought it in brown color (somehow it looks yellowish).

Eventhough I want to show you more photo of this circle lens, too bad I only have few photos :( Actually I can take more photos, but I already throw this pair before I make a review about it. 
In spite of that, I do really hope you'll get enough information from this review :D

(The photo was taken when the lens were still in the bottle. You can see that the color is really light, right?)

(it's 1 year ago when I'm cosplaying as homura akemi and at that time I used the lens which I mention above)

So, about my review:

Enlargement : so so. Of course it makes differences compared to my actual eye, but I don't really think that my eye is "that" big. Compared to my diva soul's circle lens (diameter: 14.8 mm), my eyes looks smaller when using this circle lens. I think maybe that's because of the outer ring is very thin so it doesn't gives big enlargement.
*For your information, if the outer ring (usually in black color) is thick, it will make a big enlargement for your eyes eventhough the diameter of the circle lens is not really big.

Comfort : It's very comfortable and maybe that's because of the high water content. When I wear this circle lens, I don't feel like wearing something in my eyes. I'm so in love with the comfort side of this circle lens <3

Color : For princess universe collection, they were famous by it's light color. Unlike the other circle lens, you'll see how bright my eye color is when I used it, but it doesn't look weird. But, I only use these pair occasionally, such as when I do cosplay or photoshoot. But when I went hang out or went to a party, I decided to use another pair with natural color.

Life span : eventhough it's stated 12 months, actually I can only used it for 7 months. In my opinion, when I used it on the 7th month, I don't think it's comfortable anymore compared to the first time when I bought it. Because I don't want to hurt my eyes, so I decided to throw it away and buy a new pair.

Also, I'll share some information about the lens itself.

Origin Country : Korea
Diameter : 15.00 mm
Water content : 52 %
Thickness: 0.20  mm
Life span : 12 month
Color Type : Light

-) Very Comfortable
-) Thin
-) Light Color
-) High water content
-) Gives enlargement to eyes, eventhough it's not really big.

-) can only used for +/- 7 months, while in the catalogue it's written 12 months
-) The price is so so
-) The pattern isn't really special

Rating : 7.5/10

Have a nice days everyone, see you <3 :)

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