Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Bobbi Brown] Creamy concealer kit

There're so many people that have dark circles around the eye, including me. To make it doesn't really appear, you can use concealer and it's really easy to apply it.
This product was recommended by my sister when I say to her that I want to buy a new concealer.
So, I tried it first and bought 1 when I go to Kuala Lumpur for holiday :)

At first when I arrived to Bobbi Brown store, I got confuse why the concealer were so many #slapped. At last I found out, that's because the sample of the concealer come in many different shades. I don't remember how many shades they have for this concealer, but I think that's around 10 color. So, I think you can find the perfect shade for your skin <3

and,, here's the cover of my new concealer <3

> Packaging
I love the packaging, it's really simple but very elegant and useful. The great part that I really like that this kit have a small mirror inside it.

> Kit
Another great part of this concealer was there's a powder on the right side of the concealer. It helps my concealer to sets in place and stay longer. 

> Effects
Yes! it make differences to my eyes. My dark circle doesn't really appear anymore, so I look fresh and brighter xD Also, I can use it to cover my pimples so it can't be seen.

> Texture
Sometimes when I use another concealer it will feels heavy to my eye and made me feel sleepy. But it's not happen with this concealer. The texture is creamy but feels soft to my eyes.

Rating: 9/10

I really love this concealer kit :D It makes a great effect to my eyes and the powder is really useful too <3 But, too bad it's hard to find this product in Indonesia :'S and if you consider the price, it's pricey.

The picture below shows the price in Ringgit Malaysia.

Thanks for reading! have a nice day :)

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