Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 movies for Lolita

The second topic is up and it's about "5 movies for Lolita" :D
To be honest, this is a hard topic for me. Because there're so many things I do, so I rarely got the chance to watch ;;w;;

But still, I want to share some movies that relates to lolita style and these are great movies to me.

1. Paradise Kiss
It's a Japanese movie. The main story is talking about an ordinary high school girl which turns out to be a great model and an awesome fashion designer. The plot is very exciting and makes me want to know what will happen next. Other than that, I was deeply in love with the fashion that appears in the movie. It's one of the best movie I've seen and many people likes this movie too.

2. Runway Beat
The great side of this movie is the effort that everyone shows in this movie. After watch this movie, I just realized everyone has their own talent and we should use it wisely. As for the story, it talks about a talented fashion designer in his high school that reveal everyone's abilities and talents. If you love harajuku fashion, you should watch it :)

3. Ai ore! Love me!
Again, it's a japanese movie and mostly the people who act in this movie wear lolita/aristocrat/gothic/other harajuku fashion.  The great side in this movie is the handsome girl and pretty boy, so it shows funny, cool, ciute sides which made a great impression.

4. Alice in wonderland
If you notice, maybe there're only a little connection in this movie related to Lolita. But in my opinion, the clothes that used by many characters in the movie give me so much inspiration for many styles of lolita. Other than that, I just thought the plot is really exciting and super great!

5. Cosplay the series
It's originally from Indonesia. Not only story about cosplay that appear here, but a story of a Lolita girl also appear. This movie tells me about how hard being a lolita, but there're so many things a Lolita should be proud.

So, that's all I can share to all of you. If you have time, maybe you can watch some of them and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. See you on my next post <3 :)


  1. watch kamikaze girl :) so many lolita dresses

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I will watch it soon xD