Monday, October 28, 2013

Launching my first brand

Hello everyone,
I knew this month I'm lacking of posts. That's because I just entering college this month and I'm kinda busy to study so I could catch up with the materials.
Fyi, I studied science in my high school, but I ended chose business in college. Therefore, of course I need extra time to study at home :')


one of my dream for this year is accomplished!
I made a clothing store..
All the products are designed & handmade by me.

Also, the name of the store is Loli Dreamland
Actually I want to use different name, but I'm too confuse. LOL. Finally I chose to use this blog's name after lots of thought XD
The page not only consist the items which are for sale. However, I put some of personal works there..
Mostly, it will be about fashion related, like accessories, dresses, skirts, clothes, etc.

Here's some photos of the very first collection that I launch~

You can see more infomations and details on Loli Dreamland's Facebook page.

Clothing Designs, Makeup, hair style, and photograph by me
Model by Tanti (she's my good friend)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Loli Ri*Bon Sweets Corner

Loli Ri*Bon collection of "Sweets Corner"

                                                              ----- Family Time -----

"With a concept to mix cuteness and the life of bunny family.. I use apron as an inspiration of the dress & adding some details to deliver the story on the prints, along with sweet lolita style"

-------- Sugar Bunnies in Bubbles -----

"The pattern of this dress is simple in order to accentuate the prints. Moreover, I added a ribbon & an angel bear as a decoration, so it will look kawaii"

If you have follow my blog in few months, you'll notice those dresses are my old works. However, I haven't take a proper pictures (because I love to collect the photos of outfit I've made)

and in this post, I want to introduce Loli Ri*bon.. Basically, it's a page where I gather all of my works (handmade stuffs & some artworks), so people could see all of my works collection.
I also plan to sell lolita & gyaru clothing in that page. Maybe in some weeks you'll see my first collection which is FOR SALE~
If you like my works or curious with the outfit which will be sold, please support the page by hit the like button :D thanks!