Monday, October 28, 2013

Launching my first brand

Hello everyone,
I knew this month I'm lacking of posts. That's because I just entering college this month and I'm kinda busy to study so I could catch up with the materials.
Fyi, I studied science in my high school, but I ended chose business in college. Therefore, of course I need extra time to study at home :')


one of my dream for this year is accomplished!
I made a clothing store..
All the products are designed & handmade by me.

Also, the name of the store is Loli Dreamland
Actually I want to use different name, but I'm too confuse. LOL. Finally I chose to use this blog's name after lots of thought XD
The page not only consist the items which are for sale. However, I put some of personal works there..
Mostly, it will be about fashion related, like accessories, dresses, skirts, clothes, etc.

Here's some photos of the very first collection that I launch~

You can see more infomations and details on Loli Dreamland's Facebook page.

Clothing Designs, Makeup, hair style, and photograph by me
Model by Tanti (she's my good friend)

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