Friday, November 1, 2013

Loli Dreamland Giveaway

Maybe some of you already know that I've made a page which consist some of my personal outfit and for sale clothing.
It's one of my dream to create a page for my design and handmade collection. Therefore, I feel super happy because I've accomplish it Xd
To celebrate it, I made another giveaway for all my friends, readers, and supporters :)

What will be the prize? 

1. Lucky pack from Loli Dreamland Collection
2. 3 pairs of my favorite eyelashes
3. Menard fairlucent white essence (sample)
4. Masami Shouko Travel Powder Case
5. OPI mini nail polish in fuschia color
6. Dr. Jart+ V7 bb cream (sample) --> this bb cream is one of my favorite~
7. Tutuana gradient grey socks (1 pair)

What's the inside of Loli Dreamland Lucky pack?
It's a secret XD But for sure, you'll love the prize inside it. It maybe consist cardigan/cape/skirt/accessories~
You'll know it after unboxing the pack.
Moreover, inside the pack I will put item(s) which is suitable with your taste. Therefore, the winner will tell me what kind fashion style they like? Cute/cool/lolita-ish/gothic/etc....

Sounds really interesting right? hehehe.

Anyway, if you haven't see my first line-up collection. Here's the picture..

You can also see more details and informations HERE


This giveaway will use raffle ticket method. The winner will be choosen on 2 December 2013 via 1 method will earn 1 raffle ticket. 

A) Like my page on facebook
Like the photo and share to PUBLIC Giveaway announcement
B) Subscribe my facebook account on
Like the photo and share to PUBLIC Giveaway announcement
C) Follow this blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
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E) Follow Loli Dreamland Collection on instagram @lolidreamland
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H) Follow my twitter @lolidreamland_
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You can do point A), B), and H) everyday by sharing the giveaway. By doing it, you will earn more points. (Please note= Max. share per day 1) That's because sometimes I found it annoying when a same giveaway will be shared so many times in a day.
Please your entry below in the comment section along with your email. Therefore, I can contact the winner easily by email.

The winner will be contacted on 4 December 2013 and please response within 2x24 hours.

 Anyway, my teddy bear has a message for you X3

hahahah XD
Hope you'll join this giveaway and good luck! :D

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