Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Dr. Jart+] V7 BB Cream

This post has been postponed for a long long time due to my activities as a new university student TT__TT
However, yes I miss blogging. To do review, taking pictures, writing about my thought, etc..
Therefore, I'm happy cause finally I could write again in this blog <3

Anyway, I got a BB cream from attending Dr. Jart+ event, named V7 Beauty Balm..

What they claim?
- A multifunctional, antiaging, protecting, and perfecting BB cream with Flexitone technology to provide flawless, natural-looking coverage 
- Features SPF 30 sun protection 

About my thought:

> Packaging
I really love the design. Recently, I adore the simple design but looks classy. Honestly, to me it's hard to achieve. I still prefer making detailed design~
It maybe looks the same with other packaging in terms of BB cream. However, plastic is chosen as the base (which make it light) and the shape is tube (which won't take much place in your makeup case).

> Formula
Light. A good sign for 'worth to buy' products is that you didn't feel heavy when wearing the makeup. and it's happen with this BB cream.
Moreover, it's neither sticky nor watery, which make it easy to apply the BB cream.

> Scent
I don't know what kind of scent it is, but I love the scent. It doesn't smell like cosmetic, which I really hate. If I could describe the scent in 1 word, that would be 'fresh'

> Coverage
It's good! The coverage is medium-high. Perfect for daily wear.
However, if you search for a high coverage type, I think it's better to use foundation (because mostly BB cream only offer medium-high coverage). Other than that, it has whitening effect (temporary), which could made my face more brighter without being freaky.

> Staying Power
The coverage effect could last up to 12 hours (used indoor). However, for normal activities (I like to move around, so it will made me sweaty) it will last around 8 hours. Not bad huh? X3

(After using the BB cream, my face becomes glowing and brighter. Of course it helps a lot in making flawless face)
Anyway, my dark circle aren't really bad that time and I don't have many acnes. Therefore this BB cream is good enough to cover my face. I think if you have many acnes you also need a Great concealer to create flawless face..

+ Nice packaging
+ easy to carry (not heavy)
+ Good staying power
+ Medium-high coverage
+ Light (formula)
+ Nice scent

- Rather hard to make the bb cream comes out (required to push harder)
- Only 1 size available, not suitable for dark skin.

Rating? 9/10

*Personally, I love this product, because of its effect and luckily it fits my skin color.

Alright, last selca~ lol.
Actually this photo wasn't focus, but my expression kinda funny. lol XD

See you in my next post :) 


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  1. aku blm pernah coba bbc ini :(
    hasilnya dikamu bagus ya Rika..
    foto terakhir unyuuu sekali :* <3