Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Etude House] Bling Bling Eye stick #3

I got this item as a Christmas gift (on 2011) from my cousin <3 Actually, I didn’t knew why my cousin chose this for me, because at that time I was rarely use make up. I only use it when I’m cosplaying xP (I’m too lazy *slapped*). But, at last I decided for trying this eye stick since it's a waste if I didn't use it at all.

Also, after doing some research finally I found all swatches for this product.

When etude house released this product, there're only 6 color (as shown on the picture above). But now they've released another color and here's the advertisement :)

Finally, here's my thought about this item:
> Packaging : quite good and easy to bring. The size is rather small, but it’s easy to handle. But, for this item I can’t find the cute side, unlike the other items released from etude house.

> Pigmentation : good :D after apply it on my eyelid, the color shows nicely and it gives a shimmery effect. But, I need to put at least 2 times to make the color appear.

(in this picture, I apply 3 times)

> Application: Easy to use (only need to twist the bottom part, then use it). It means no brush needed for using this kind of eyeshadow.

> Texture: The texture is creamy, but not sticky.

So, as a conclusion for this product..
-) Perfect size to put into my travel makeup bag
-) Easy to use
-) Nice color
-) Friendly price

-) need to swap (at least 2 times) to show the color nicely
-) Not really cute, unlike other products from etude house

Rating: 9/10

I would recommend this product to you if you often in rush to do makeup or you need to bring an eyeshadow everywhere.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend! :D


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