Friday, March 15, 2013

3 beverages & lolita outfits to match

It's been so long since I post something related to lolita. But, finally Lolita Blog Carnival made a new topic that attract my interest <3
So, I'll list the 3 items to coordinate :D

First, can you guess what is it? xD


Yes, it's strawberry milkshake <3

I chose this beverage because of the sweet taste <3 Also, usually this drink will be served in an interesting way which usually attract my interest xD (but I'm rarely drink it, because too many cals in this drink TT_TT)

and here's my coordinate pick ~
Dress - Rose Melody
Necklace & bag - Baby the Star Shines Bright
Socks & shoes - Antaina

Second, chammomile tea

In my opinion, lolita never separated with tea. It's like a basic drink that almost every lolita would drink, especially in tea party. But, I chose chammomile because personally, I love cammomile tea. The scent, taste is different than any other tea. It will be hard to explain more about it, because it will be a long post if I explain more about it xP

Basicly, for the 2nd coordinate, the theme would be classic lolita.The coordinate that I want to create which match with this tea can be seen below.

Dress, Hair acc, socks - Mary Magdalene
bag - Innocent World
Shoes - Antaina

The third which is the last,,, hot chocolate

Who doesn't love hot chocolate? xD this beverage was also one of my favorite drink <3 and by looking at the "chocolate" color, it kinda reminds me about gothic lolita. That's why I think it's suitable with gothic lolita look which I've chose below :3
Dress - HMHM
bag - Baby the star Shines bright
Headdress & gloves - Rose Melody
Shoes - Antaina

Actually, doing digital lolita coordinate was my first experience and I thought it's kinda hard >x< But, I'm glad that it turns out good xD 
How do you think of this coordinate with the beverage? 
Hope you like it too :)

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