Monday, January 7, 2013

[L-email] brown+light brown lolita wig

Do you thought highlight wig was already usual or ordinary? For me, I ever thought like that :P So I try to buy new wig for my lolita project and it's combination of half brown and half light brown.

Here's the photo of my lolita project (fyi, the theme for this look is inspired by fairy) 
Costume, MUA, and model by me

and the photos of the wig (I took the picture from the website)



> Fibre: kanekalon fibre, which can be ironed up to 180 Celcius. But, I never tried to iron it.

> Smoothness: Normal, which I can say it's not too soft neither rough. But when I touch it, it will still feel like a wig.

> Cap: Not too big, I think it will only fit for people who has medium size.

> Thickness: It's rather thick, but not as thick as fantasy sheep or cc kids's wig. 

> Treatment: after using the wig, it's better to comb it to make the wig still good for next time. But, you need to be careful when combing it, because it's rather easy to fallout but not as bad as ghostcos wig.

>Weight: a little bit heavy when wearing with the twintails compared to cc kids's wig. But still acceptable

> Price: It's more cheap compared to other taobao's wig store such as cc kids, ghostcos, grand young, fantasy sheep, etc.

Rating: 7/10

I had bad experience while buying this wig. The seller send me a wrong wig (but not this one), and at first didn't want to exchange it. But I'm so lucky to have a good friend that helps me for negotiate to get the right wig.

Will I buy another wig from this store?
No, I'll try to find other brand that's more better (for the quality) and trustworthy.

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