Friday, February 8, 2013

Invent My own Brand

Hi everyone :) Maybe you've noticed a new logo in my blog and are you curious what is it? 

I will tell you a short introduction to that logo. It is Lolita Blog Carnival, where all the members are lolita blogger. Also, the people who joined this group will blogged about a topic which chosen on that week, set a date, and linking to other posts on that topic made by the other members.
Actually, I'm a new member in that group <3 and I'm glad to joined the carnival because I can expand my knowledge about lolita and the people are so kind~

So this week's Lolita Blog Carnival challenge is about "Invent your own brand" and after I knew the topic, I said to myself I should totally joined it! :D
If I have a chance to invent my own brand, there are some things I'd like to do.

1. Set a name for the brand.
A name which came to my mind was "Vintage Milk". Actually, vintage milk was my old deviantart name and I don't know why I still love that name. Somehow, I feel that name was unique, sweet, and elegant. Also, I think the name suits my lolita style. Why? In my thought, vintage will present something which is related to classic lolita, because of the elegant side. While milk has sweet taste, so it can be related to sweet lolita which is cute and sweet <3 xD

2. Choose the items which I'd like to sell.
I think I'll made Dresses, skirts, outfit, and some accessory which can be used together with the dresses/skirt/outfit that I made.
Actually, I've draw some sketches of the items that I'll made when I've finished my national exam . I think when I'm ready, I'll also sell it to other people.
(These pictures below will show some sketches made by me, sorry if the quality photo doesn't good)

3. Basic things that usually appear on my works.
Details. Why it should be details? Basicly, I love to see details on an outfit, it can be accessory or complicated pattern.

4. Prints that will appeared on the outfit.
In my thought, I'll choose 3 themes which I really love <3
The first are crown, princess, and lace. If these items combine together as a print, I think it will produce an elegant classic lolita print.
(the picture below represent the 3 things I've mentioned above.)

(Source: Google and edited by me)

The second are teddy bear, tea, and ribbon. As for these items, I think if it's combined together, it will produce a cute sweet lolita print.
(to illustrate it, I think it can be similar like the print below)

(Source: google)

The third are butterflies, flowers, cage. Like the first print, it will produced an elegant classic lolita print.
(It's hard to search a similar fabric related with this idea, so I'll just show you a real picture)

(Source: google)

Actually I don't know if these ideas will came true or not. But, I do really hope someday I can make lots of lolita dresses/outfit which everyone would love and wear.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post <3

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