Friday, February 22, 2013

FOTD + Experience at Cait Sith Café

Last week (on 16 February) I decide to have some refreshing after finished all my try outs *yeay*. So, I went with my friend to Pluit Village Mall and we were also lucky there’s a cosplay event. That day I was really happy because I can met some of my cosplay friend, which it’s been a long time since I saw them.

In the event, there’s a café which attract me and it was Cait Sith Meascan Cafe (actually I already know the café from facebook, but if it’s crowded I already plan not to visit the café :P)
And I was so lucky, I don’t need to queue so I could straightly went in to the café.
In the café, me and my friend were welcomed by the maids and butlers. Then, we chose a table, sat, and  ordered 2 toast for us.

For me, the service was great. But, to be honest I don’t really felt like being an ojou-sama eventhough I was called by that name. I do feel they were more like my best friend :P LOL. Maybe a thing that they missed were the table manner. Actually I know some things that relates to table manner, that’s why I can state my opinion. Their (the butler&maid) gestures when we were asked to sit, give the plates and put the spoon&fork didn't look like what it should be. I mean, from what I knew actually the butler should help us with the seat when the guest want to sit or stand) but there’s no this kind of service.  Also, usually people will use fork and knife when eating toast, but in here we got spoon and fork to eat the toast x3 Other than that, when actually me and my friend ordered toast, the butler brought omurice to me and asking whether I ordered it or not, then he searched the person which ordered that >w< The impact was the people which worked in the kitchen need to make other food which I ordered (in this part maybe there’s a misunderstanding between the maid/butler with the kitchen staffs). But, I do believe the people had done their best efforts to make the guest happy and I could feel that effort. It was fun when I chat with Miki, Miyu, Tsuna, and Kei. They are really kind and funny too :P 

The best thing that I love in this café was when Kei had lose when we were playing a game. He accept that he already lose and gave us a free souvernir <3 xP I have to be honest, from Kei’s gestures and actions, I think he is a gentleman.
I also spent a good time while chatting with Miki and Miyu. They have some similarity likes with me, that’s why I enjoy chatting with 2 of them :D
In my opinion, Tsuna is a funny person. It was really fun to play a game with him (Now I already forget the name of the game that I played, but it’s like a frog that can jump if there’s a person who put a wrong key into the board).

I have some photos when I went to the cafe, but everyone weren't allowed to take photos of the maid/butler in the cafe, so I can't post many pictures here.

(Me x Miki x Itoe)

(My Toast and Jasmine tea)

(On the bottom part was the souvernir that Kei gives to me)

So far for a 1st time experience opening the café, I think cait sith café (including the staffs) had already done a great job and I do hope next time they will be better. Good luck to all of you xD
And for me, in their next event if I had a chance to go, I’ll visit the café again :D

My story is really long, isn’t it? xD So, I’ll just straightly told my fashion of the day that I wore to the event. The pictures below will show the outfit (it’s a gyaru outfit <3 I use my pink ribbon top with pink floral lace skirt. At that time I also wore my cckids brown wig without the twintails to support the gyaru look)

I also took some photos with the coser at J-fest event. So, here's some of the photos :)

It was a fun experience and I’m glad that I could finally do a  gyaru style (since I was rarely go out because of my exams TT_TT)

Thanks for reading <3 Have a great day J


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