Friday, December 7, 2012

[Ghostcos] 80 cm pink wig

Today, I made a mistake by accidentaly delete a review of my ghostcos pink wig =-= So I'll repost it again~ 
(Lucky me the page when I want to edit it, was still on the history so I can copy paste it)

And today I'll write a review of ghostcos 80cm pink wig :)

Actually it was long time ago since I bought this wig, but still I want to share some of my opinion about this wig. Of course, I hope it will be helpful :DD

So, here's my review~
Fibre = Almost all taobao's wig store used kanekalon fibre as their materials. So, you can use iron up to 180-200 Celcius. But, I don't really like the fibre because of the flashy looks. Even when you wear it in a normal lighting, sometimes the wig will shines a bit and it doesn't made the wigs looks natural. Other than that, when I combed the hair, there are so many fall out ;;w;; (At first, I don't feel the wig are easily fall, but when I owned other wigs, I've just realized this wig is really easy to fall out)

Smoothness = It's one of the good side of this wig: smooth~ At first when I touch it, the smoothness of this wig is similar compared to my real hair and of course, a good wig should be smooth so it will be easier to take care of the wig.

Cap = The wig cap has a large size. Inside the wig, you can set the size of the wig (by using the 2 hooks) so it could be fit to your head.

Thickness = I could say the wig is pretty thick, but considering the fallout I don't think this thickness would last that long if you often wear it. 

The photo in Ghostcos website is similar to what will you have. Because they still used normal lighting for taking the pictures.

If you want to look this wig or others on their website, click here

You can see some of my photos below using the wig. (I don't use any makeup in these photos since it was only a costest and some camwhoring~ xD




So, here's my conclusion for this wig :)
-) Soft
-) Heat resistant, up to 180-200 degrees
-) Thick
-) The cap is big
-) Pictures on the website is really similar with the real thing
-) Cheap [ only 78.90 yuan, what makes it more expensive is because of the shipping fees :S ]

-) Too many fallout TTwTT
-) Sometimes it looks flashy/shiny

Overall Rating = 5/10

Will I buy another wigs from this brand?

No, I'll try to find better wigs from other brands.

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