Friday, December 28, 2012

Polling Anouncement + preview to next post

Since the polling that I made regarding to the topic that all of you prefer had closed. So, now I'll anounce that  you'll see more of my wig reviews :) But still, you'll see I posted other things such as makeup review, my travel story, my fashion collections, and also tutorials (hopefully).

Other than that, I'll also tell you that maybe I won't be as active like I've been doing these days. Why? Because I'll have lots of tests for my 12 grade :S 

But, at least I'll still keep post something 1 post/week and if I really don't do that, please forgive me TTwTT
And of course, it won't last long. On April I'll have my last test (the National exam) and after that time, I'll be more active. Yeayyy!! xD

For now, I'm still thinking my wish and goals for next year. I do really hope it will come true xD and if you guys want to know, I'll reveal 1 and that's: "I want to make an online shop based on something that I design+make." and I still believe, my passion for fashion won't be stopped as I enter a different major for my college. That's why I want to fulfill this goal.

Okay, I'm done with telling all of my polling announcement + a little story from me xP hehe.
Wish you all have a good day. See you on my next post! :D

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