Thursday, December 13, 2012

[Etude House] proof 10 eye primer

These days, I oftenly confuse what to post on my blog. Whether it is about makeup or wig review :S Maybe next time I will make a polling to see your opinion :D

Back to the title's topic...
Here's the picture of proof 10 eye primer

What is eye primer? Basically, it is use before applying eyeshadow. By putting a little amount of eye primer around the eyes, after you put eyeshadow in that area it will make the colors of your eyeshadow more appear and last longer.

 Here are the picture's comparison of using eye primer and without using eye primer.

(top- without using eyeprimer)
(bottom- using eyeprimer)

See the differences right?

-) affordable (usually online shop sells it around 70.000 IDR)
-) easy to blend
-) the texture is soft 
-) helps to make my eyeshadow last longer

-) Hard to get (since it's one of etude house's bestseller, the products oftenly sold out)

If you compared this eye primer with other branded eye primer (example= bobbi brown, Nars, etc), of course the branded one will be more good and shows many differences.

But if you considered the price, this product is SUPER great! It's very suitable for people who likes cheap makeup with good quality and also a beginner.

Rating: 8/10 

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